Clovis Crossfire

by jpnunez • Uploaded: Apr. 02 '12

Description: Logo for Competitive Youth Soccer League

As seen on: Clovis Crossfire Soccer

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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SevWork said on Apr. 02 '12

I really like the essence of this shield. It has a bit of a Juventus flavor. If you don't mind, I have a couple of pieces of feedback:

1) The type for "Crossfire" feels a bit light in relation to the rest of the shield elements which are heavy and bold. Maybe it could use a little breathing room from the stripes too?

2) The ball looks great, but the flames on the bottom of the ball (a connection to the Fresno Fuego?)look a bit more like roots. Maybe reduce from 5 flames to 3 to help simplify?

I hope you don't mind the feedback. Us Clovis guys have to stick together. Great job, sir.

jpnunez said on Apr. 10 '12

Hello SevWork,
Thanks for your comments. Anything constructive is always more than welcome.

1) I do see what your saying here. I will definitely change it a bit and see how it looks.
2) The flames would look better if simplified like you said. It does give a Fuego vibe but it was not intentional. They wanted fire somewhere in the logo and that's where it fit best.

This actually ended up as their secondary logo. I did another logo, and thats what they ended up using as a primary. To me this one has more of a soccer club feel.

Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. Love to hear more from my fellow Clovis-folk.

whitson said on Feb. 21 '15

Great Logo

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