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by malicho • Uploaded: Mar. 30 '12
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Description: This will likely be my last posting on this logo since it's all but done until I get further word on it. It's a rebranding idea for a school's athletic program, they're the Mavericks as you can see. Here's the current logo:

Thought Id' add the "Mavs" type in since this is now the official logo with type, feedback is always appreciated.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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dotflo said on Apr. 02 '12

good type positioning, it helps create an overall shield shape, one thing, i feel the type could be more simple as in not having the extra lines you've added, its a bit distracting

samdemastrie said on May. 10 '12

I agree, but what a great improvement! Nice and solid.

oias said on May. 10 '12

I saw the proposals without the typo
and this is def my favorite one, the
text it's nice integrated, imo this
is gold solid I like it a lot, the
current logo it's ugly as the
typeface they are using yours
it's much better!

One only critique... the eye it's
a bit little, I'd like to see a
bigger eye with an agressive feeling
Floated and Faved, Keep it UP!

malicho said on May. 10 '12

thank you guys, both your suggestions i believe i'll include on the final, a larger/simpler eye and cleaning up the text a bit. thank you for the suggestions.

rudeboy said on May. 11 '12

nice one! catch my float :)

LadyGrey said on May. 11 '12

This is good feeling)

malicho said on May. 11 '12

thank you guys :)

chanpion said on May. 11 '12

Really good to see some quality logos recently. This is one perfect example. Nice work Brian.

malicho said on May. 11 '12

Thank you Norman, that means a lot coming from a designer of your quality. And I agree, there are a lot of good quality and unique designs coming out lately. Keep them coming, I need all the inspiration I can get.

Type and Signs said on May. 11 '12

man ... that's yours ... great piece ... love it !!

malicho said on May. 11 '12

@TaS haha yeah it's mine, thanks for the float buddy.

robin21 said on May. 12 '12

Bad ass!! :)

JohnM said on May. 14 '12

Amazing! this is gonna be one hot logo to sport on a hoodie!

malicho said on May. 14 '12

thanks robin :)

malicho said on May. 14 '12

thank you John, hopefully they approve of the design.

belc said on May. 15 '12


cassano said on May. 21 '12

I agree with what has been said. The eye can be improved and thin lines are unnecessary in typography. And I also see three arrows in M, in the A and V, was that intentional?
I'm waiting to see the final version.

dipdhingani747 said on May. 26 '12

Hello Brian.

My name is Dip Dhingani and I run a software development studio. We are an enthusiastic and we are looking for an excellent designer to design our logo. I love your work and your logos. I was wondering if you were interested in providing us your skills to design a very attractive logo for us. If you wish to speak to me you can contact me on my email: dipdhingani2@gmail.com.

I will wait for your reply.
Best regards!

hanuman shakti said on Oct. 02 '12

Strong mark :)

designfacet said on Feb. 17 '13

love it, very prominent logo. Bravo.

proplayhockey said on Mar. 11 '15

would you be willing to sell the logo? I own a hockey school company and my teams are looking for a logo. were called the mavericks. email me if youre interested proplayhockey@gmail.com

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