by vali21 • Uploaded: Mar. 23 '12
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Description: My cat on simple vision!...:)

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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MarcelloRiviera said on Mar. 31 '12

simply brilliant! i really love it! compliments

vali21 said on Mar. 31 '12

Thanks all 4 appreciations!

Leonardo Da Vinci said:
%u201CSimplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication!" ...and my logos concepts follow this maxim!!!

Thanks again

vali21 said on Mar. 31 '12

read: simplicity...

julius seniunas said on Apr. 01 '12

kitty cat! nice !

vali21 said on Apr. 02 '12

Thanks julius :)

ppetkov said on Apr. 02 '12

love it!

pajarito.k said on Apr. 02 '12

simple, clean and awesome!!

vali21 said on Apr. 02 '12

Thanks guys...:)

hostexis said on Apr. 04 '12

awesome! I really love it :) *purring*

JohnM said on Apr. 05 '12

hate to be the douchebag here but really don't think this deserves the gallery spot... even if i look at it as a typography logo it falls so short from much better deserving logos in this genre...

vali21 said on Apr. 05 '12

@JohnM...I'm not looking for critique dear friend! I post a simple, very simple cat logo and I love it. Much more than your 'zombiecat':)

ps: It's so hard to make friends and too easy to make enemies!

JohnM said on Apr. 05 '12

vali : i didn't say this was a bad logo... i just said this one doesn't belong in the gallery... usually the creme de la creme makes it to the gallery... and it wasn't a critique it was merely an observation... am sorry to have hurt your ego there! peace out man!

And yea i really didnt expect such an observation will make me an enemy! you sound a bit like sheldon from the big bang theory there!

emesghali said on Apr. 05 '12

looks like comforta font. am i right? great mark. id bring the c and t a little tighter.

vali21 said on Apr. 06 '12

I beg you: do not make any comments at my logos. I don't care ...and don't need them...and I'll do the same! You humiliated me and also other designers like me.
Because we are new on this site means our logos don't deserve to be in gallery - just 'creme de la creme' deserve it? Thanks God you don't decide what logos goes or not in gallery. Point.

Sans le respect Votre Majesté «crème de la crème»!

vali21 said on Apr. 06 '12

Sans le respect Votre Majeste Creme de la Creme!

vali21 said on Apr. 06 '12

@emesghali - Thanks...the font is not comforta, I used Arista Light!

admx said on Apr. 08 '12

well done!

vali21 said on Apr. 09 '12

Thanks admx!

redchocolate said on Apr. 29 '12

very well

alexdantas said on May. 08 '12

Great Logo. How can I contact you? I would like to hire you for some logo work. Sorry to send the message here, but I am brand new and couldn't find a way to send you a pm. I wish you the best.

vali21 said on May. 10 '12

Thanks all!
@alexdantas my e-mail is:


samijoemansour said on May. 29 '12


vali21 said on Jun. 06 '12

thanks samijoemansour ....:)!

Handletteringpro said on Jan. 09 '13

Love the simplicity! Reads well super small too.

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