by VERG • Uploaded: Feb. 23 '12
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Description: Another signature logo i'm working on for a client.

As seen on: VERG

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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t-sovo said on Feb. 23 '12

great colorship:)

Type and Signs said on Feb. 24 '12

yesss ... so nice lettering !!

kugelis said on Feb. 24 '12

and a great reversed flow

vergad said on Feb. 24 '12

thanks for the gallerization LP. champions! and thank you guys for the comments above... really appreciate it!

hertzpectiv said on Feb. 24 '12

totally lovin' this typework! :)

morecolor said on Feb. 24 '12

It's great

logtek said on Feb. 24 '12


Daniel Bere said on Feb. 24 '12

Great type, great colors!

devey said on Feb. 24 '12

Love the M-y connection. Colors too. Nice!

whoswho said on Feb. 24 '12


pjmaster said on Feb. 24 '12

Handsome typo.

logomotive said on Feb. 24 '12

saw somewhere else and love this one too.

atomicvibe said on Feb. 24 '12

Drop-dead, bang-up, full-on, balls-to-the-wall badassness. I LOVE this. Period. Totally worthy Gallery spot. Mucho congrats to you, Mr. VERG. I KNOW this one will be in the LP v2 book :D

vergad said on Feb. 24 '12

thank you ponders... really, absolutely, completely pumped on your feedback and floats. thanking you kindly.

1ta said on Feb. 25 '12


balic said on Feb. 26 '12

I keep looking and looking at it... so great! Very nice M-y connection.

kaladin said on Feb. 26 '12

Love that it looks like it was done with a sharpie, and that everything connects at one point or another.

Vergad said on Feb. 27 '12

Thank you friends for the kind words. You can now view the presentation by clicking on the behance link above.thanks again.

damaraputra said on Feb. 27 '12

wow. will you teach me in a couple word how to make great signature logo like this? thank you..

vergad said on Feb. 27 '12

haha! errr... couple of words eh? ummm... i might need a sentence or two:

write until you're happy. once happy and vectored, tweak until your happy - once happy, tweak some more.

damaraputra said on Feb. 27 '12

hehehe..thanks vergad, that really helpful. cheerso

vergad said on Feb. 28 '12

ha! sorry mate. kind of hard to explain really. I just keep writing and writing until i find the bones of something that i'm looking for. from there i illustrate the outline stroke, angle and thickness. when i'm happy with it, i vector it in illustrator. so much time goes into tweaking the vectors to get the curves bang on. I probably should buy some various stationery and start experimenting with brush pens and chisel tipped pens to cut out the illustration process i've been doing. that would be the more natural approach to getting it right. Sergey Shapiro is the master when it comes to this natural ability to pick up a pen and make type art.

damianskotzke said on Feb. 29 '12

Splendid work!

Vergad said on Mar. 01 '12

Thanks Damien... Much appreciated

Antonio Cappucci said on Mar. 05 '12


Vergad said on Mar. 06 '12

Cheers Antonio. Stoked you like.

joshs said on Mar. 14 '12

awesome font

vergad said on Mar. 15 '12

thank you!

kevbev said on Apr. 09 '12

Sexy. Confident & Sexy. Double-Sexy.

vergad said on Apr. 11 '12

I like double-sexy. works for me. cheers champ.

designabot said on Apr. 19 '12


vergad said on Apr. 19 '12

thank you rich! appreciate the comment buddy.

latrasis said on May. 01 '12

I'm a novice so i was just wondering how do you make
these "handwritten" logos? :)

latrasis said on May. 01 '12

Uh...never mind...

kaplon said on Jun. 09 '12

goood !

vergad said on Jun. 10 '12


hanuman shakti said on Jun. 29 '12

very nice!

Vergad said on Dec. 09 '12

Thank you, hanuman!

JohnDervishi said on Mar. 14 '13

Great one

vergad said on Mar. 22 '13

Thank you John

vergad said on Mar. 24 '13

My first baby to reach 100.

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