Elephant Biscuit

by cpuentes23 • Uploaded: Feb. 21 '12
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Description: Coffee Bar, concept by the client.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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watermarker said on Feb. 22 '12

I saw it from a distance and I knew imidiatly, who made it. Very cute! :)

sime said on Feb. 22 '12

I would like to know where the coffee bar is actually - the idea of getting an 'elephant size' biscuit with my coffee sounds like good value for money, to me :)

Type and Signs said on Feb. 22 '12

sweet elephant ... great work as always ... !

effendy said on Feb. 22 '12

Nice elephant! Good work!

cpuentes23 said on Feb. 22 '12

:D thanks as always guys for your great comments, the coffee bar is actually in Korea.

sabb said on Feb. 23 '12

yeah its cute:)

LadyGrey said on Feb. 23 '12


oliverakos said on Feb. 23 '12

looking amazing!!!!

cpuentes23 said on Feb. 23 '12

:D A big thanks to all of you!

NewSimplicity said on Feb. 28 '12

Wooo...how sweeeeet!

cpuentes23 said on Feb. 28 '12

Thanks for your comment Christina :)

skr1be stud10s said on Mar. 14 '12

great style & colors.

cpuentes23 said on Mar. 22 '12

Thanks Aaron!

tanami said on Jul. 31 '12

What a lucky coffee bar to have such a sweet mascot :)

nitish.b said on Jul. 31 '12


Vergad said on Aug. 01 '12

You have got cute down pat sir. Nice one

lecart said on Aug. 01 '12

Cuteness level OVER 9000

Different Perspective said on Aug. 02 '12

mega sweetness attack :) very well done.

cpuentes23 said on Aug. 02 '12

Thank you very much guys!

rozmin said on Aug. 06 '12

Really nice execution - great concept - congratulations! ;)

nydesign said on Aug. 08 '12

this is pretty nice. quite friendly

cpuentes23 said on Aug. 08 '12

Thanks!, I'm glad you like it.

rbhogal said on Aug. 09 '12

the illustration is so well done. Great job!

cpuentes23 said on Aug. 10 '12

Thank you Rahul, I really appreciate your words

designfacet said on Aug. 10 '12

At first it was hard seeing the elephant but still cute.

valbo said on Aug. 11 '12


cpuentes23 said on Aug. 13 '12

:D thanks guys!

atomicvibe said on Aug. 13 '12

Carlos, you definitely have a knack for maximizing cuteness in your designs. As always, great job!

nydesign said on Aug. 14 '12

heh yeah most of his designs are cutesy, cutesy sells!

cpuentes23 said on Aug. 21 '12

Haha that's my personal drawing style! thanks you for all the comments.

Ol said on Aug. 24 '12

awsum work!

cpuentes23 said on Aug. 26 '12

Thanks mate!

shadzxiii said on Aug. 31 '12

I would hug it :) Lovely

cpuentes23 said on Sep. 06 '12

Haha just do it!

ubishere said on Sep. 10 '12

Hehe great illustration, very cute!

cpuentes23 said on Sep. 12 '12

Thank you Ewen!

Liwk said on Sep. 26 '12

Really nice work! Memorable symbol.

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