by a2sjew • Uploaded: Feb. 20 '12
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Description: Flawless victory

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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LadyGrey said on Feb. 20 '12

hmmm... what is it?

nickhood said on Feb. 20 '12

Whoa. Thats whacked.

Gal said on Feb. 22 '12

Just for fun.)

a2sjew said on Feb. 22 '12


Type and Signs said on Feb. 24 '12

I think it's an archaic phenomenon to claim once ownership by using certain scents ... love this illi ... very nice and well thought art ... !!

Gal said on Feb. 24 '12

This situation was saved by the wings. This suggests that this is not a simple man, but an angel. God's ways are inscrutable.)

skr1be stud10s said on Mar. 14 '12


malicho said on May. 13 '12

totally bizarre, ill float it.

julius seniunas said on May. 13 '12

very nice.

gunterschobel said on May. 14 '12

hahahahahaha, epic!

yhanktou said on May. 14 '12


killanov said on May. 17 '12


logomotive said on May. 17 '12

Very Flexible!

joelsailo said on May. 20 '12


sbdesign said on May. 20 '12

muzhika byn tebe

logomotive said on Jun. 04 '12

why does this remind me of Bevis and Butthead?

campfire said on Jun. 20 '12

at first glace, i thought it was a turkey...then i laughed

midgar said on Jul. 11 '12

nobody mentioned Mortal Kombat yet? o_O

milena said on Jul. 13 '12

hahaha, midgar! My husband just told me: "ask him if he played Mortal Kombat"
Very nice a2sjew! You managed to make a fart look cool.

marvelx3 said on Nov. 24 '12

you've made my day XD

timothy0902 said on Dec. 26 '12

hmmm,Just for fun....

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