by JuliusSeniunas • Uploaded: Jan. 22 '12
Gallerized Jan. '12 6d5479997f172a2eb1acd54b5bcf8192.png

Description: Mocca

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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Type and Signs said on Jan. 22 '12

simple but nice !

jands said on Jan. 22 '12

huge thanks bud !

rokis said on Jan. 22 '12

Ameizing :)

jands said on Jan. 22 '12

perdedi :D

magicshadow said on Jan. 22 '12

very nice!

jands said on Jan. 22 '12

thanks !!!

belc said on Jan. 22 '12


eflair said on Jan. 23 '12

Beautiful type!

jands said on Jan. 23 '12

Kudos !

logomotive said on Jan. 23 '12

The curls add that touch!

jands said on Jan. 24 '12

thanks logomotive !

Different Perspective said on Jan. 25 '12

I like the flow on this type. Very nice.

Lecart said on Jan. 25 '12

Really nice type, man! :)

djac said on Jan. 25 '12

Awesome type!

jands said on Jan. 25 '12

many thanks !

What do you think about this one ? http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/158605

sbdesign said on Jan. 25 '12

Of course, I'm sorry ... but that no such adorable in this font ...?
I just do not understand, can somebody explain to me:)

Julius, I once again apologize:)

jands said on Jan. 25 '12

no problem mate, just dont understand what is you question ? :)

sbdesign said on Jan. 25 '12

this is the problem of online translation:)

I do not understand - why many consider this a good logo?

jands said on Jan. 25 '12

it is simple and looks good :D

i think you should ask other people what do they think :)

sbdesign said on Jan. 25 '12

probably so:)

but they are silent:)

jands said on Jan. 25 '12

they have written their opinion :) just look to the top of this page :)

sbdesign said on Jan. 25 '12

yes, yes. I looked and saw:)

jands said on Jan. 25 '12

cheers mate :) How are you doing :) ?

sbdesign said on Jan. 25 '12

Thanx, I'm fine:)

Ivaylo Nedkov said on Jan. 26 '12

Really like the curly details:)

macov said on Jan. 26 '12


yelds said on Jan. 27 '12


atomicvibe said on Jan. 27 '12

This is really awesome type work, Julius. Very sensual, and those curled ball terminals are a great touch! Too bad this was unused. Can you tell us what type of service/product this was for? Seems like something chocolate- or café-related.

jands said on Jan. 27 '12

thank you friends!

coffee shop !

hertzpectiv said on Jan. 28 '12

This is lovely, mate!

mstarcreative said on May. 26 '12


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