Romerville Fantasy Football

by Nagual • Uploaded: Jan. 16 '12
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Description: Romerville Fantasy Football... your source for all the best fantasy football advice, rankings, cheat-sheets and more!


Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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mankam said on Jan. 16 '12

great :)

Nagual said on Jan. 18 '12

Thanks Mankam!!!

epicantus said on Jan. 18 '12

Amazing graphics! Great!

alterego said on Jan. 18 '12


stevan said on Jan. 18 '12

Great mate!

raja said on Jan. 18 '12

I wouldn't want to mess with him...looks too tough

great character design

headdow said on Jan. 18 '12


belc said on Jan. 18 '12

Blaaahh! :]

Artgeko said on Jan. 18 '12

Good character!

NicoCiego said on Jan. 18 '12


artmns2 said on Jan. 18 '12

I think, on the shield icon does not fit

ps i'm sorry for my bad english)

chanpion said on Jan. 18 '12

This is pretty darn cool.

LadyGrey said on Jan. 19 '12

gg... cool!

Shinobi said on Jan. 19 '12

niccceeee :)

Sean Heisler said on Jan. 19 '12

Really nice illustration, so cool!

ubishere said on Jan. 19 '12

Love it!!

dannygdammit said on Jan. 19 '12

this is great! The hand feels disconnected though. The shield feels connected because of the overlap.. Perhaps do the same with the hand?

djredsky said on Jan. 19 '12

Nice illustration! I have to agree with dannygdammit about hand being disconnected. otherwise, everything else is flawless.

oleg said on Jan. 20 '12


Ciuby said on Jan. 20 '12


balic said on Jan. 20 '12

Nice illustration!
Cool, funny and very serious guy :)

MB82 said on Jan. 21 '12

Woow! Great :)

Arkin said on Jan. 22 '12


danthomas said on Jan. 22 '12

Character looks awesome, not to be messed with!

Nagual said on Jan. 23 '12

Wow! That's awesome!
Many, many thanks my friends!!!
I am very appreciate all your comments, thanks a lot 8)

Nagual said on Jan. 23 '12

Artmns2 - I agree with you! It was the desire of the customer.
Dannygdammit - good idea! THANKS =)
Djredsky - you are right) Thanks.

Nagual said on Jan. 23 '12

ClimaxDesigns - I agree, this symbol is inappropriate or unfinished...
snatch a few chunks - good idea!
...you are right - stroke weights is too much.
Thanks a lot!!!

nandy said on Feb. 02 '12


atomicvibe said on Feb. 21 '12

Great illustration! I love the line work. I agree with other comments regarding the power symbol on the shield seeming disconnected a bit from the overall style/concept, but otherwise, I like it. I don't have any major issue with the right hand floating there.

Nagual said on Mar. 11 '12

Thank you so much Atomicvibe!

crazy-aben said on Dec. 12 '12

Very beautiful%uFF01Did you do it by AI%uFF1F

crazy-aben said on Dec. 12 '12

Very beautiful! Did you do it by AI?

vasvari said on Mar. 25 '13

Cute work :-)

oski said on Mar. 26 '14

Great illustration.

logomotive said on Jan. 29 '15

wow I missed this one. Love it.

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