by Kruglov • Uploaded: Jan. 15 '12

Description: Sound recording & equipment

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: retrovintageheraldywaverecording

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Kruglov said on Jan. 15 '12

Feel free to comment, this is the final version

sbdesign said on Jan. 15 '12

problem reads - Y-nave

sbdesign said on Jan. 15 '12

Do you have a cool sign at the top - YW, why not develop?

kruglov said on Jan. 15 '12

If readability if the main size & style will be insufficient, ovesection shadows is optional. Hires: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Y-Wave/2891603 For the sign - client does not accept any laconic sign.

kruglov said on Jan. 15 '12

Small laconic sign in this version brings good emotion & value to the whole logo imho

eflair said on Jan. 19 '12

Very cool, but from the thumbnail I read Shave.

oias said on Jan. 19 '12

The type its very unique, I like it a lot,
plus I think the union between the "w" & "a"
looks good.

The only thing Id change are the details
around the circle, looks like a bottle cap,
I dont if that was the intention. The
whole idea looks like a vinyl record Id make
more lines like the one on the center,
that way the emblem would look more like

Congratulations great Design Kruglov!
Floated and Faved

kruglov said on Jan. 20 '12

Thank you, i agree about triangles around the circle.
The idea of main form is not vinyl disk, a little bit like vinyl, a little bit like speaker and concentric arcs shows the idea of sound, sound wave.

balic said on Jan. 20 '12

Very nice!
I only think "w" is a bit hard to read.

oias said on Jan. 20 '12

Agree with the idea of
main form, and maybe this
image could help you with
the outside triangles:

Type and Signs said on May. 30 '12

pretty cool piece !!

nwolfe said on May. 30 '12

Super dig this. It's very 'cool'. Legibility issues with the 'Y' and the 'w'... I would probably tighten up/reduce the lower curl of the 'Y' and pull back the self-cast shadows on the 'w'. Despite those thoughts, it's quite wicked.

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