Flywell Logo

by Flywell • Uploaded: Aug. 17 '07

Description: Unfinished logo... looking for critique's

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: AirplanePlaneFlightFly

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flywell said on Aug. 17 '07

I can already see that I need a different font. The thin areas are getting lost. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!

OcularInk said on Aug. 17 '07

I think this one has great potential!! I love the plane icon. Something about the angle of the plane feels slightly off though. I think it's the negative space under the tail wing. If the plane were rotated negative 30-35 degress with the right perspective applied, it might look a little better. What do you think? The font could be better too. All in all, it's looking good.

flywell said on Aug. 17 '07

Thanks Ocular! I agree, and after some adjustments I'm hoping it looks even better. I plane to remake the plane... it's a little sloppy now, and I will try playing with the rotation.

Thanks Again!!

Matheus said on Aug. 17 '07

thats a nice plane

Jormi_Boced said on Aug. 21 '07

I agree on the font. A nice thick one woule be great.

SpiffyJ said on Aug. 22 '07

The plane doesn't need as much work as the type does. I think the rounded corners on the plane don't mesh well with the pointy serifs of the type. Maybe slightly thicker type with more of a blund serif or maybe even sans serif.

flywell said on Aug. 23 '07

Ok.... thanks! I appreciate the honesty, and it definitely helps.

I have tried several different fonts and still can't seem to find just the right one. I keep going back to these big serifs. I will post an update of the updated version.

Thanks again.... and keep it up!


flywell said on Aug. 23 '07

I'm kinda new here.... so I wasn't sure if I should edit this one.... or post an new logo for the update. So I posted a new logo to show the update. I suppose that might be better as you will still be able to see the old one. So hey!!! Go look at the new version in my showcase!! Thanks!!

themooncake said on Jan. 12 '10

I like this reversed version better than the one that has the white circle around. Without the white circle, it gives the freedom look to the logo.

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