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by TypeandSigns • Uploaded: Jan. 08 '12
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Description: visual concept for event agency ... name may change ... message: "if we can handle this ... we can handle everything!"
Unfortunately not taken ...

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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samdemastrie said on Jan. 08 '12

Ha, that's a great concept. I think there's something slightly off about the two figures, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's the rhino's backwards lean. Perhaps it shouldn't be leaning at all, since that boy has no chance of moving a rhino anyway. Hmm, I don't know, either way still great.

Type and Signs said on Jan. 08 '12

yes ... I think it's hard to say ... as long as the intended approach is understandable I'm happy ... curious to hear more voices about this aspect ... thanks a lot sam ... really appreciate your words ... as you know !!

ColinTierney said on Jan. 08 '12

i'm with sam here. this is really great, but i think the rhino should be upright without any struggle. like the rhino is going on with his regular ol' day, no big deal. i think the boy should be pushing a little harder with his head faced down. also, maybe show a little bit of his other arm...right now it looks as if he is pushing with only one arm.

Type and Signs said on Jan. 08 '12

Thanks Mr. CT ... U P D A T E !! what do you think ?

marscall said on Jan. 08 '12

I like it! Is there a reason it's going backwards? It comes to me something like "go back!" instead of moving forward. Just a thought! btw, amazing morphology and simplification.

Type and Signs said on Jan. 08 '12

yep ... you are right ... it has to lean slightly back ... because the pressure of the boy is tooo strong ... the boy is able to make the rhino move ... he has the same power as the agency ... yes ... he can !!

Type and Signs said on Jan. 08 '12

Ah ... ok ... ok ... I'll gonna change it ... !

Type and Signs said on Jan. 08 '12

u p d a t e !

Type and Signs said on Jan. 10 '12

again thanks for floating ... this piece is a bit hard to understand ... I've to realize that ... but ... like it !

logo design. said on Jan. 16 '12

Great art.. Love it :)

Type and Signs said on Jan. 16 '12

thanks logo design ... really appreciate your friendly words ...!

shtef sokolovich said on Feb. 07 '12

Great work, awesome details, as always! Insted of rhino you can use donkey as well:)) In Croatia there are many donkeys.

You are top designer Bernd, but most of all, you are most positive person I met on web.

Type and Signs said on Feb. 07 '12

thanks so much for your great words ... 12 points for Croatia and for all Croatian donkeys

sime said on Feb. 21 '12

africa and management? sorry ...and not trying to be rude.. but start again in my humble opinion,, I know lots about both - so people say

Type and Signs said on Feb. 21 '12

I really don't talk about afrika ... in fact I'm talking about to overcome yourself by moving mountains ...

sime said on Feb. 22 '12

ya ...Maybe put a mountain there then instead! :)

Type and Signs said on Feb. 22 '12

thanks buddy... great advice ... think about it ... ;D

Type and Signs said on Feb. 27 '12

thanks for massive floating great LP people !!!

Lule said on Mar. 03 '12

wow ... this is amazing ... stunning work!

Type and Signs said on Mar. 03 '12

thank you so much ... really appreciate your words !!

r8rsfan said on Mar. 18 '12

very, very nice!!

Type and Signs said on Mar. 18 '12

@ r8rsfan ... thanks so much for commenting !!

designmine said on Mar. 20 '12

This is great! Reminds me of South Africa :D Do you work for a graphic design company?

Lule said on Mar. 20 '12

yess - love this silhouette style too :)

Type and Signs said on Apr. 01 '12

@ designmine ...@ Lule ... thanks friends for passing by and you friendly comments !

Mallik said on May. 14 '12

best idea to represent and funny too

Type and Signs said on May. 14 '12

thanks Mallik ... glad you like it !!

1Arts said on Feb. 28 '13

Also die idee ist auch genial :) man muss da auch mal drauf kommen
Awesome idea!

Type and signs said on Feb. 28 '13

Sehr nett von dir ... vielen Dank !!

rudy hurtado said on May. 03 '14

Great concept man!

asix said on May. 04 '14

Really a great concept. Whatever criticise, it's a good work with ideal thinking approach.

type and signs said on May. 07 '14

Rudy, asix ... thanks a bunch guys ... truly appreciated !!!!

tycoone said on May. 29 '16

Amazing implementation.

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