by milash • Uploaded: Dec. 21 '11
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Description: Algani - financial organization that claims to unify people.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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palattecorner said on Dec. 21 '11

not sure abut type like the design

Ivaylo Nedkov said on Jan. 02 '12

Love the smoothness in this graphic symbol:)

milash said on Jan. 02 '12

thanks ivailo, thanks pallattecorner.

parwez said on Jan. 03 '12

I love this design

nido said on Jan. 05 '12

yeah lovely design.. and a nice font too... but I think if your going with the upper/lower-case type then the font to the left of the mark would be better.. stacked as it is now imo you should consider all upper-case.

nido said on Jan. 05 '12

sorry... meant to the right of the mark.

Type and Signs said on Jan. 05 '12

nice one milash ... congrats budy !!

milou said on Jan. 05 '12

Great mark, George. Really digging these shadings and fresh colors.

vergad said on Jan. 05 '12

^ agree! top work.

milash said on Jan. 06 '12

thanks guys. "Algani" chose different logo. But the "Public Audit Institute" bought this one. They asked for different color scheme. I'll post it after they finalize their decision.

megashred13 said on Jan. 09 '12

Hot gradients!

Occipital said on Feb. 24 '12

Nice, not sure about the i without the top dot.

dwasiedem said on Mar. 04 '12

Great sign (despite all the gradients), however I would not resign from the dot over the i.

vergad said on Mar. 04 '12

^ Hi Ksawery... Just out of interest, what is it you don't like about these gradients?

gunterschobel said on May. 15 '12

i have to agree with Occipital, the "i" looks awkward for me without the dot, but then again its a matter of what one likes. U can't please everyone :p

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