Nevada Wine

by OcularInk • Uploaded: Nov. 14 '11
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Description: Dribbble.com wine playoff.

As seen on: Ocularink.com

Status: Just for fun

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LadyGrey said on Nov. 14 '11

blue wine, sky wine - cute)

rudy hurtado said on Nov. 14 '11

This is clever!

logomotive said on Nov. 14 '11

This was my favorite of all those wine logos.

ocularink said on Nov. 14 '11

Alena, Rudy and Mike, thanks all of you. Had a blast playing around with these wine logos. We need another playoff soon!

Type and Signs said on Nov. 14 '11

yes this one is great ... go ... make some proposals for the next tournament !!!

ocularink said on Nov. 14 '11

Thanks, man! Gotta think about the next tournament...not sure yet.

Artgeko said on Nov. 14 '11

Easily grasped and interesting graphic image!

effendy said on Nov. 14 '11

Great work Kevin!

cerise said on Nov. 14 '11

Wow my favourite wine logo so far

logoboom said on Nov. 14 '11

Wine E. Coyote

atomicvibe said on Nov. 14 '11

It's a canyon! No wait, it's a wine bottle!! NO WAIT...IT'S AN EMPTY WINE GLASS!! Oh no, better get the mules to bring down another couple of bottles.

Love this logo, by the way. Love it.

ocularink said on Nov. 19 '11

Artgeko: Thanks! effendy: Thanks, bud! cerise: Thanks for the huge compliment! logoboom: Ha ha, clever one! atomicvibe: LOL, thanks!

lifesaverservant said on Jan. 19 '12


ocularink said on Feb. 10 '12

Thanks ! ! ! !

balic said on Mar. 06 '12

Clever and beautiful!

vasvari said on Mar. 06 '12

yeah 'western' wine, great :)

mchl said on Mar. 06 '12

this is AWESOMe

hm-himera said on Mar. 06 '12

Wow! This is a very cool! Incredible!

occipital said on Mar. 06 '12


Mikeymike said on Mar. 06 '12

very nice, Kevin. and you can drink to that. !!!! ;-)

sbj said on Mar. 07 '12

yeah i agree this is one of best beast from the playoff..

nandy said on Mar. 07 '12

Very well done, good job

1ta said on Mar. 07 '12


rigved123 said on Mar. 07 '12

nice one ! :D

shevchenko123 said on Mar. 08 '12


pjmaster said on Mar. 08 '12

Mhm.. great :)

garychew1984 said on Mar. 08 '12

great color and clever :)

ocularink said on Mar. 08 '12

WOW! Thanks everyone for all your kind comments. Made my day!

redheadllena said on Mar. 12 '12

Totally clever! This is great!

mandarine said on Mar. 14 '12

Very nice. Clean and great use of negative space!

damaraputra said on Mar. 28 '12

i'm very curious if the logo goes to the bottle :)

sabb said on Mar. 28 '12

wow its amazing

ocularink said on Apr. 04 '12

redheadllena, mandarine, damaraputra and sabb....thanks a bunch!

JohnDervishi said on Jul. 22 '13

Wow. So great. Best wine logo. Congrats for this beautiful work!

ocularink said on Jul. 25 '13

Glad you like it. Thank-you!

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