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brandsimplicity said on Aug. 08 '07

I like this:)

ulysses said on Aug. 08 '07

Yes, I like it too.

rafaelbech said on Aug. 08 '07

simple but workfull

brandberry said on Aug. 09 '07

web site is very nice, logo good too!

rfrusso said on Aug. 09 '07

very nice. something about this is just pleasing to my eyes.

rhodri said on Aug. 09 '07

Cool. Great typography.

tannerc said on Aug. 09 '07

This is a model logo. Simple, straight to the point, and integrates a unique twist to make it memorable.

The connection between the letter m and the letter b make this a home run.

nonny said on Aug. 10 '07

Cuca by Tipos Reunidos.
You can buy it from

Flash Gordon said on Aug. 13 '07

Great logo. Great typography, i like it...

keasone said on Aug. 21 '07

"i cant see the ťaŤ or one of the letters u used over there in the in the Cuca font, are u sure you used that typeface?!":

btw, i love that logo

mdta said on Aug. 25 '07

Wonderfully simple, and perfect

nonny said on Aug. 26 '07

Sorry Keasone I think there may be some confusion, I was reffering to the typeface used on the website, the main title of the "hello" is Cuca.

SpencerLavery said on Aug. 28 '07

Fantastic logo. Perfect in almost every way.

I say almost because the kerning between the "M" and the first "o" seems slightly off.

nonny said on Sep. 04 '07

Dam your eyes ;)

52 Week Highs said on Feb. 08 '11

If casual is the mood, this is great.

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