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gcm said on Aug. 06 '07


KGB said on Aug. 06 '07

very nice, but the tail of the Q looks forced or stuck-on. I know you're matching the typeface, but I think it could flow off of there better.

Art Machine said on Aug. 06 '07

I agree with KGB.
You could leave out highlight on the blue part which still belongs to the "O" and then highlight the upper part of the tail instead of the lower. Just a thought, wanna help to make it perfect. : )

Matheus said on Aug. 06 '07

this is nice. But I have to agree with KGB

LOGOPED said on Aug. 07 '07

much liked

admarcbart said on Aug. 07 '07

I would make the lower tail and curve of the Q one piece. This way you loose the transparent line that is there now.

brandberry said on Aug. 07 '07

thanx guys ill try to make it better

silusgrok said on Aug. 07 '07

It's a lovely logo... but the resemblance to the "Qwest Communications":http://www.qwest.com/ logo is too close for comfort.

ahab said on Aug. 07 '07

This is really cool...it reminds me of a lifesaver candy. Very nice work

mrshonuff said on Aug. 07 '07

i agree with silusgrok... that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this. I think it is mostly because you are using the same font as they are.

dreamerworx said on Aug. 08 '07

I think it looks more like "Uniqa Insurance":http://www.wsz.at/cms/upload/sponsoren/uniqa.jpg

shaneg said on Aug. 08 '07

I like it the only problem I have is the logotype and the symbol or the colorful "Q" is to far apart, and seem seperate. They don't feel like they belong together, but two seperate entities.

silusgrok said on Aug. 08 '07

It's not just the same font... but using the same font when both companies names start with "Q", and then using a nearly-identical concept for the glyph.

brandberry said on Aug. 08 '07

2 silusgrok
i live in Russia and i dont know this companies especially those logotypes. Ideas are different.

firebrand said on Aug. 08 '07

I don't think your logo resembles the others at all. The tail could to with a little refinement though. Nice, bright and colourful like the rest of your showcase.

Darrel said on Aug. 10 '07

"i live in Russia and i dont know this companies"

You're using the EXACT same typeface, dude. Not buying it. Not that I care that you rip off Qwest. They are evil! ;o)

kiddgraphicdesign said on Aug. 15 '07

I like the logo, but it looks way to much like Qwest for me.

cresquin said on Aug. 17 '07

Agreed, when I saw this on the front page I immediately thought Qwest. The company is sure to get a C&D if it does any business in the western hemisphere.

utkin said on Aug. 29 '07

Love it.

reezluv said on Sep. 09 '07

hey..that's really cool logo..how blend those??

galegao said on Dec. 20 '07

Qwest is a large communications company in the USA and everyone familiar with Qwest who sees this logo immediately thinks of Qwest. http://www.qwest.com/

The first 3 letters are the SAME (QWE)
Both have 5 letters
Both are in the SAME FONT
Both have the SAME kerning
Both are (black)
Both have a 'Q' icon in SAME positioning (upper right corner of text)
Both use a light blue in the Q icon

This happens all the time. In the world of design it's getting difficult to be unique. I'm sure you didn't know. but now you do. You can do something way better and different than Qwest's ugly duQling.

west said on Apr. 18 '08

Yeah, I knew this looked extremely familiar.

folkupaul said on Jul. 16 '10

Nice "Q"!

Type08 said on Apr. 06 '11

I meet this logo around all the time. 4 years old and still hot looking! :)

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