food boutique

by contrast8 • Uploaded: Oct. 03 '11
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Description: wip. logo for food boutique.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: restaurantfood

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Type and Signs said on Oct. 03 '11

what else could I do ... brilliant work as always ... so .... hats off ... !!!

contrast8 said on Oct. 03 '11

Bernd, very kind to hear that from you:)

Sean Heisler said on Oct. 03 '11

Nice, Deividas, great style.

contrast8 said on Oct. 03 '11

apriciated sean:)

jands said on Oct. 03 '11

grazuu !

balic said on Oct. 03 '11

Awsome design with prestigue feel!

rudy hurtado said on Oct. 03 '11

Really love this one!

tass said on Oct. 03 '11

Another great job!

contrast8 said on Oct. 04 '11

thanks guys:) waiting news from client:)

hertzpectiv said on Oct. 04 '11

I love the feel of this! great piece! :)

chanpion said on Oct. 04 '11

Very nice mark Deividas! Is this the actual name?

contrast8 said on Oct. 04 '11

thanks:) yes, it is:)

neilss1 said on Oct. 05 '11

Very nice

Mikeymike said on Oct. 05 '11

Great piece, Deividas. Hope the client goes this direction, lovely design.

Tømme said on Oct. 05 '11

yay, glad to sit next to you on the front page buddy ;-) great work like always!

contrast8 said on Oct. 05 '11

Scott, Mike, Thomas thanks guys:)Mike hope they do:)

cleber said on Oct. 05 '11

Great logo. Really A W E S O M E.

LadyGrey said on Oct. 05 '11

Elegant, Deividas!

ColinTierney said on Oct. 05 '11

well done deividas.

garychew1984 said on Oct. 05 '11

Great job!! love it!

bedemand said on Oct. 06 '11

Nice style.. I like the old look :)

logo design. said on Oct. 06 '11

Awsome logo design

moisespb said on Oct. 06 '11

Great job! Very good.

atomicvibe said on Oct. 06 '11

I love this, Deividas. Very elegant. This would make an excellent blind embossing, etching, stamp, you name it.

contrast8 said on Oct. 06 '11

thanks for support:) logo got rejected, will go different direction:)

logomotive said on Oct. 06 '11

Still looks yummy in your portfolio. Nice work

firebubble design said on Oct. 10 '11

Very nice, super classy. Love it.

harvey said on Oct. 11 '11

wow looks elegant and yummy logo!

LittleDoe said on Oct. 11 '11

Very classy!

nido said on Oct. 12 '11

excellent approach.

Antonio Cappucci said on Nov. 03 '11

This is great!!

magicshadow said on Dec. 11 '11


vergad said on Oct. 31 '12

It always surprises me when you go through a showcase and wonder how on earth you missed floating something on a previous visit. So much to love about this little gem.

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