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Description: Dingole (meaning: to fling away; to dance with unusual abandon) is a group buying site that allows users to get huge discounts on lifestyle related
products and activities.

Standalone symbol that could replace the full logo in some applications:

keywords: elegance, high quality, laid-back, dynamic, active, spontaneous, friendly, positive, optimistic

As seen on: Dingole

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: optimisticspontaneousfriendlyflowfree

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milou said on Sep. 28 '11

Swietne typo, Lukaszu.

Type and Signs said on Sep. 28 '11

very nice type treatment !!

magicshadow said on Sep. 28 '11

super , gratuluje ;)

midgar said on Sep. 28 '11

@ Milosz & Michal
Pieknie dziekuje :-)


orca design said on Sep. 28 '11

tasty type!

BuroBlauwBrug said on Sep. 28 '11

lovely :)

effendy said on Sep. 28 '11

Great type!

Rokac said on Sep. 28 '11

Keyword: Awesome!

rudy hurtado said on Sep. 28 '11

Such a beauty!

Sean Heisler said on Sep. 28 '11

Very lovely type!

contrast8 said on Sep. 28 '11

wow, so lovely..!

lumavine said on Sep. 28 '11

Great lettering work! Really wonderful flow.

dannygdammit said on Sep. 28 '11

so nice!

Mikeymike said on Sep. 28 '11

this is so beautiful. great type work. thumbs up.

LadyGrey said on Sep. 28 '11

feathering calligraphy!

designtofeel said on Sep. 28 '11

Beautiful colors and type.

lamerry said on Sep. 28 '11

What a beautiful type! The colors are great too.

Artgeko said on Sep. 28 '11

An elegant solution!

chkn said on Sep. 28 '11


cleber said on Sep. 28 '11

I like too much it!

nickhood said on Sep. 28 '11

Beautiful type, Midgar!

ColinTierney said on Sep. 28 '11

^ absolutely.

oias said on Sep. 28 '11

@midgar: seriously, looking for critiques?
I think this typo looks flawless, the colors
the flow, the composition, imho this logo
is done already, congratulations!

vasvari said on Sep. 28 '11

Very nice type Lukasz!

api said on Sep. 28 '11

this is perfect!

raja said on Sep. 28 '11

ooops, I mean 5 STARS

matjak said on Sep. 28 '11

Damn that's nice! Perfect mate :)

midgar said on Sep. 29 '11

Thanks all!

Unfortunately, right now I`m about to change the status of this logo from "WIP" to "unused proposal", as my client decided, that it does not suit his needs best. Above all, that it does not match well with their pre-designed website:-/

pjmaster said on Sep. 29 '11

Nice curves Lukasz!

midgar said on Sep. 30 '11


Yes, this is their website, and they do have a point with the logo not matching it. But my work has been based mainly on a neat briefing document, which, in my opinion, contains really clean and interesting ideas for the Dingole brand. Unfortunately, the website had been created before I started working on the logo, and I have to say, that I see next to none connection between the briefing and the website design.

hertzpectiv said on Sep. 30 '11

this is sweet, mate! :)

1pxrgba said on Oct. 01 '11

The typography is beautiful.. Congratulations!!!

bega said on Oct. 23 '11


beautiful work.

Antonio Cappucci said on Nov. 03 '11

Beautiful type! Well done.

tephoz2001 said on Dec. 16 '11

his is so beautiful. great type work. thumbs up.

sbdesign said on Dec. 16 '11

Yes. Sweet

Different Perspective said on Jan. 16 '12

Super! piekne typo!

tausendsasser said on Jun. 30 '12

so great! Floated & Faved!

oski said on Mar. 26 '14

Very smooth.

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