by VERG • Uploaded: Sep. 27 '11
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Description: For a café that will be recognised for it's amazing coffee. First concept proposal on behance.

As seen on: BEHANCE

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: sketchhand drawnspeech bubbleespressocoffee

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Vergad said on Sep. 28 '11

Thanks David [ ~ I think ]

garychew1984 said on Sep. 28 '11

look great!

milou said on Sep. 28 '11

This is great, buddy. I love this style.

Type and Signs said on Sep. 28 '11

funny ... in germany a piccolo is a small bottle of champagne ... and in Italy the small cup of coffee - aka as espresso is called cafè .... so you call a small coffee piccolo ??? strange world ... anyway ... I like coffee ... and your concept isn't piccolo it's really great ...

rudy hurtado said on Sep. 28 '11

I love this approach Matt. your application of the logo in the Branding system are quite amazing!

Vergad said on Sep. 28 '11

Guys, you're all legends and i really appreciate your comments. Thank you

designtofeel said on Sep. 28 '11

This is one of those logos that doesn't seem great by itself, but once you see the entire branding, it's really great. Good work!

vergad said on Sep. 28 '11

thanks sam! only one piece of the branding puzzle

chanpion said on Sep. 28 '11

A very simple, friendly, relaxing feel to this concept. Its almost Charles Schulz-que! Makes me wanna churn out a cuppa from my Nespresso and pick up a Charlie Brown comic. Really warming up to this logo. Nice work Matt.

Vergad said on Oct. 01 '11

Thank you Norman for the kind words - I love the vibe you're getting. I'd join you for a cuppa but I'm out of pods

Vergad said on Oct. 01 '11

Thanks lefty... Really stoked that you like. Cheers champ

epicantus said on Oct. 12 '11

Funny & very cute!

Actek said on Oct. 12 '11

nice :)

logomotive said on Oct. 12 '11

I like it but for some reason makes me think of Ricola. Think it's the speech bubble and remember that commercial. very unique.

vergad said on Oct. 12 '11

wow! gallerization... stoked! thank you LP. thank you also for the comments and floats above. it nicely rounds off a project seeing it on the front page.

ColinTierney said on Oct. 12 '11

great job, matt.

jands said on Oct. 13 '11

really great :) !

Vergad said on Oct. 13 '11

Colin and Julius, thank you guys!

orca design said on Oct. 14 '11

Brilliant style!

vergad said on Oct. 14 '11

cheers orca, thanks for the compliment.

Sean Heisler said on Oct. 14 '11

I like this a lot, Matt, and the applications you did on Behance are killer.

Hayes Image said on Oct. 14 '11

Great work here Matt, it's got this lively, organic quality to it. Can easily see myself with an espresso & the all-day breakfast.

vergad said on Oct. 15 '11

sean, hayes... legends! thank you so much for your comments.

clabcenter said on Nov. 02 '11


vergad said on Nov. 02 '11


aspecteleven said on Feb. 20 '12

Whoa, this is really nice! Very simple, but perfect in every way :D

Vergad said on Feb. 21 '12

Cheers A11. really stoked you think so. I was actually working on some of the collateral today. It's nice to revisit this design after taking some time off it.

aspecteleven said on Feb. 21 '12

:) Good stuff!

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