by TypeandSigns • Uploaded: Sep. 12 '11
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Description: Motox ... found a new home ... somewhere in Australia ...

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Bernd said on Sep. 12 '11

thanx swimmers ...

Mikeymike said on Sep. 12 '11

nice line work here, bernd.

nitish.b said on Sep. 12 '11

grt flow

Bernd said on Sep. 12 '11

MM and N ... thanks for commenting ... appreciation

contrast8 said on Sep. 12 '11

u are machine Bernd! so many great logos!:)

Bernd said on Sep. 12 '11

my business partner started his 2 weeks holidays ... there's enough time to break all rules ...yep ;D

Bernd said on Sep. 12 '11

a big "thank you" to all swimmers

Sean Heisler said on Sep. 12 '11

Nice lines, Bernd!

Hayes Image said on Sep. 12 '11

Agreed. This is nice!!

Bernd said on Sep. 12 '11

thanks Sean and Hayes I. ... really appreciate your comments

Agencija said on Sep. 13 '11

nice motox. I prepraring bike logo.

Bernd said on Sep. 13 '11

you are preparing a bikelogo too .. ? I'm looking forward to watching it !!

pjmaster said on Sep. 13 '11

You keep good tempo mate :)

Pierro said on Sep. 13 '11

Looks nice. is the best.

Bernd said on Sep. 13 '11

pjmaster and pierro ... again I'm honored by your comments ... thanx a lot ...

justinbakerdesigns said on Sep. 13 '11

I really like the flow on this one Bernd!

Bernd said on Sep. 13 '11

hi justin ... that makes me happy ... thank you !

ozloya said on Sep. 13 '11

..great concept, pinstripes!!

Bernd said on Sep. 13 '11

thanx to all swimmers ...

Bernd said on Sep. 13 '11

and thank you lefty and ozloya ...

logomotive said on Sep. 13 '11

cool Bernd.

Bernd said on Sep. 13 '11

thanks Mike ...

Type and Signs said on Sep. 15 '11

tfishman ... thank you for paying attention !

gjrdesign said on Sep. 15 '11

Nice graphic symbol and typography.

Type and Signs said on Sep. 15 '11

thank you so much girdesign

atomicvibe said on Sep. 15 '11

Really great work here, Bernd. I love the dynamic sense of movement. I'm always really impressed by your breadth of style, and it's great that you guys can execute simplistic, 1-color, line-art logos just as masterfully as your heavily-illustrated, mega-detail ones. Keep up the good work!

hanuman shakti said on Sep. 15 '11

My God....it never stop.....amazing! :)

Bernd said on Sep. 15 '11

av and hanu (another time) thanks guys for your all time attention

vergad said on Sep. 15 '11

flowingly fantastic bernd man - nice new avatar too.

chanpion said on Sep. 16 '11

Man thats one insane machine! Nice one Bernd!

Type and Signs said on Sep. 16 '11

Matt ... Norman ... guys ... this round is mine ... cold strong german beer for you ...

logo design. said on Sep. 16 '11

Amazing logo design. Love the waves in the piece.

grigoriou said on Sep. 16 '11

this is wicked good!

Type and Signs said on Sep. 16 '11

hi logodesign ... Greg ... thanks buddies !!

logoonline said on Sep. 17 '11

Design such a awesome logo. I like this creative logo.

Type and Signs said on Sep. 17 '11

thank you logoonline ... appreciation

Type and Signs said on Sep. 17 '11

thank you chrystiandesign

raja said on Sep. 17 '11


like botox..for bikes?

Type and Signs said on Sep. 18 '11

yep ... that's the concept ... ;D

oscarcuriel said on Sep. 19 '11

The Typo is Good for the industry, the graphic is cool for the Craft but for the use in the industry dont work, the motorcicle is excelent but is 2 femenine...

Type and Signs said on Sep. 19 '11

you know ... now we've a real high percentage of girls riding motobikes ... so learning this nothing against a "feminine" logo ...

boldflower said on Sep. 24 '11

You killing me soflty B ! Great Great!!!

type and signs said on Sep. 24 '11

Hi BF ... so nice you commented .... really thank you

carino formino said on Dec. 19 '11


lifesaverservant said on Jan. 19 '12

Wow awesome illustration... Overall just EPIC across the board work! There's no doubt why you were featured, all of your work is just so awesome!

- Illustration
- Calligraphy
- Icons
- Logotypes
Just great, friend!

Type and Signs said on Jan. 19 '12

that's toooo much ... you are killing me with these compliments ... anyway ... thanks a lot buddy !!

sabb said on Mar. 12 '12

it reminds me the GHOST RIDER bike:D. really good

Type and Signs said on Apr. 13 '12

hi sabb ... never heard about that ghost thing ... sounds great !!

sabb said on Apr. 17 '12

WATCH MOVIE:D GHOST RIDER then you will get to know;D

Type and Signs said on Apr. 18 '12

I'll do ... yess ... I'll do it for sure ....

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