Highly Decorated fnl

by fools-e • Uploaded: Sep. 11 '11
Gallerized Sep. '11 b15f8ecd6f960c5f0c4da8415d50a6fe.png

Description: Sans background as requested.

As seen on: Fool's Errand

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: decoratedrankstripeschevronmilitary

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designtofeel said on Sep. 11 '11

Very nice. I probably would have raised "highly decorated" up a bit so the cake is only barely cutting into it, but that's just me. Great work.

Bernd said on Sep. 11 '11

yes ... that's great !

alessio cristino said on Sep. 11 '11

great piece!

sdijock said on Sep. 12 '11

Really clever - nicely executed too. I have to say that this one reads MUCH better as a cake versus your other submissions because of the plate.

logomotive said on Sep. 12 '11

Really cool idea!! I agree with designtofeel.

alto said on Sep. 12 '11


watermarker said on Sep. 13 '11


JoannaMalik said on Sep. 13 '11

That is so great!

richardbaird said on Sep. 13 '11

Wow the integration of the arrows as the internal cake structure is very clever!

logo design. said on Sep. 13 '11

Amazing.. Great 3d effeckt :)

theDesignGuy said on Sep. 13 '11

As a former soldier, I say this is top notch. Love it.

krainiac said on Sep. 13 '11

That is one tasty logo.

tinocordes said on Sep. 13 '11

Simple, but very clever logo design!

cnasshan said on Sep. 15 '11

Way to go.

atomicvibe said on Sep. 15 '11

AHHHHHHHH...there we go. You were sooooooooo close with all your previous attempts, but this one seals the deal. What a way to work out an effective solution to this amazing concept. I'm so glad that your efforts paid off. Very nice to see this gracing the gallery. Love the pink 'n brown color scheme.

Regarding Sam's comment about moving the type up a little, sure, that probably wouldn't hurt, but I'm actually fine with it being where it is. YES, the cake does cut into the type a bit more than what some would feel comfortable with, but I really don't think it interferes with readability at all.

malicho said on Sep. 29 '11

the chevrons are so icing on the cake. awesome.

karmakazi said on Nov. 30 '11

genius. the wordplay, the sergeant chevrons, the use of negative space. outstanding work!

caion said on Jul. 10 '13

Cakeeeeeeeeee :D

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