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by ozloya • Uploaded: Aug. 21 '11
Gallerized Sep. '13 066ab97beb992033d85144b231cdf325.png

Description: ..I designed this back in 2006, but still receiving good vibes about this one.

As seen on: http://ozloya.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: designlogopanda

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robiro said on Aug. 21 '11

Nice work! The panda is obvious even in a very small size. And the writing is clever!

jippy rinaldi said on Aug. 22 '11

Very clever work. Great work!!

orca design said on Aug. 22 '11

Recognise this from many different sites/blogs. Always been a favourite of mine!

lobo diseño said on Aug. 27 '11

Excelente Trabajo, muy bien logrado el panda.

samijoemansour said on Oct. 01 '13


tass said on Oct. 01 '13

Clever, indeed!

ClimaxDesigns said on Oct. 01 '13

@samijoe, sometimes you have to throw people a bone, while this isnt the best executed panada logo out there, its very clear about what it is its easily recognizable and cant be mistaken for anything else

ru_ferret said on Oct. 01 '13

This is the best executed panda: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/20823

cream5 said on Oct. 01 '13

It is a nice *artsy* concept, however I'm seeing a weird racoon face.

tabithakristen said on Oct. 01 '13

It's a neat idea but I'm not sure I get what the last 'a' is or how it fits in with the rest of it.

ozloya said on Oct. 01 '13

..thank you all for the kind comments.

alejandroy said on Oct. 03 '13

Great, great logo! just love it!

brunoschn said on Oct. 14 '13


kylemcgyle said on Nov. 07 '13

Excellent logo! Only thing that I think you could change is possibly alter the D a little. Other than that.... Excellent execution!

nkarkare said on Feb. 28 '14

Really nice! Eyes went moist seeing this...

ChosenIdea426 said on Mar. 10 '16

Way nice. That's the bar right there.

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