by camisa15 • Uploaded: Aug. 21 '11

Description: Thanks to walmart parking for this idea ;).

As seen on: the-rcd.com

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: logoparkingfun

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camisa15 said on Aug. 21 '11

accept criticism and ideas of this icon.

nathantrafford said on Aug. 21 '11

i think you're forcing a neat idea here. I think you could easily have the type sitting normal, and just have yellow lines in between the letters and connected above the them. No need for any of the letters to be pulling in or out of a spot, imo.

camisa15 said on Aug. 22 '11

Thank you for your feedback, i did some changes.

jippy rinaldi said on Aug. 22 '11

Cool idea! Nice work

nathantrafford said on Aug. 22 '11

Really think it could be a lot simpler. And I'd definitely try something other than arial. If I'm being honest, I'd just delete arial off of your machine right now ;)

designtofeel said on Aug. 22 '11

Headlights (or are those parking barriers?) and shadows are too much. Nighttime driving has nothing to do specifically with parking, so there's really no need to have it there. I think Nathan's first comment is spot on. I'd have all the type (and the parking spaces) horizontal, not 45 degree, and then have a horizontal line above the word that connects all the parking stalls. Simple.

camisa15 said on Aug. 22 '11

Thanks again, modified!.

nathantrafford said on Aug. 22 '11

Since this is a typographic piece, it's normally good to stick to general typographic rules. that being said, I'd keep all of the letters on the same baseline. I know you're going for them acting as vehicles and so parked irregularly, but I think the clever thing about this piece is the IDEA of a parking lot, not a physical representation of one. I'd clean up those yellow lines, and extend the bottom of them to make the compartments a little longer. I don't think you need the empty compartments above the letters, and I think that top horizontal line can be the same thickness as the rest. Lastly, I'd go for a slightly more condensed typeface (Helvetica Neue Condensed, or even Highway Gothic condensed seems appropriate, which is close to what you have here), and center each letter perfectly in the compartments.

Check this out:


Here they show you all the letters in little compartments! Something similar to this, with the letters a lil bigger, I'd suggest.

Hope this doesn't sound harsh, I've been accused of that before, and I apologize if that's so. However I wouldn't comment if I didn't find it interesting, and I think this could be a really neat piece for a portfolio once fleshed out!



camisa15 said on Aug. 22 '11

hahaha i understand, but this is for fun and i'm open to comments, let's wait for more comments about this piece to get a final piece.

camisa15 said on Aug. 22 '11

ok ok, i think this change can help.

camisa15 said on Aug. 22 '11

ty swimmers.

designtofeel said on Aug. 22 '11

It's getting better. Now I think you should your type should be bolder than the parking lines.

camisa15 said on Aug. 22 '11

This is light, to fix this i can use regular, bold or black.

THEArtistT said on Aug. 22 '11

I'd cant the G. there is always that dude who parks way on the end and takes up two spots at an angle to show off and keep their car from getting dinged.

camisa15 said on Aug. 29 '11

File modified.

Sean Heisler said on Aug. 29 '11

For me the original I saw with angled parking (but without headlights) was the most compelling. Don't know why, it just worked for me.

camisa15 said on Nov. 17 '11

update, yes, i like this version.

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