Liquid Propaganda

by nickhood • Uploaded: Aug. 10 '11
Gallerized Aug. '11 80b5b44930d0b39cfdb489a268e0ea67.png

Description: chosen logo by client. He wanted an official looking 'seal' design featuring a tower.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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oski said on Aug. 10 '11

I like it! I can imagine this on the rubber stamp.

nickhood said on Aug. 10 '11

Thanks, Oski! It has a very stamp-like quality.

atomicvibe said on Aug. 10 '11

Love it. I love seal logos, and this one is great. has a nice retro vibe to it. I agree, would look awesome as a rubber stamp or letterpressed.

nickhood said on Aug. 10 '11

Thanks, atomic!

rokis said on Aug. 11 '11

Looks cool Nick!

lumavine said on Aug. 11 '11

Nice work! The details really hold up at small sizes, which is often hard to do with this style.

designtofeel said on Aug. 11 '11

So so sweet.

megashred13 said on Aug. 11 '11

Hot! Awesome work!

nickhood said on Aug. 12 '11

Thanks Rokas, Luma, Sam, and Jordan!

rankmotion said on Aug. 13 '11

Hi Nick,

Are you available for logo design?

nickhood said on Aug. 13 '11

Hi rankmotion,

i am. You may contact me via e-mail.

ryjaymac said on Sep. 23 '11

Wow Nick, this is a great mark, I will be honest I had a very similar idea for a logo I am designing, good thing I came across this, no need for design Déjà vu right. Once agian great stuff!

nickhood said on Sep. 26 '11

Thanks ryjaymac! Hey don't let me keep you from using original ideas you have. It should be easy to make it distinctly yours.

Type and Signs said on Oct. 06 '11

good shot !

321visual said on Jan. 02 '12

truly amazing..

nickhood said on Jan. 04 '12

Oh, thank you Manyo.

horrordonuts said on Dec. 15 '13


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