MooFish Cafe

by Brandsanity • Uploaded: Jul. 25 '11

Description: WIP logo design for a coffee shop. "Would you like milk with that?" "Mooooo!" *SPLASH*

As seen on: Brandsanity

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: animalswimwaterudderfish

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1ta said on Jul. 25 '11

very fun

brandsanity said on Jul. 25 '11

Cheers Hossein :)

ding-dong-design said on Jul. 25 '11

That would be a very weird fish to catch lol... Looking good though love the colors, fonts, and concept :D

qyper said on Jul. 25 '11

pretty cool. good job mate

vergad said on Jul. 25 '11

nice fusion! Love the type too... perhaps just tweak one of the O's a little to make it different to the other. top work!

atomicvibe said on Jul. 25 '11

As simple and whimsical as this one is at first glance, there's actually a lot of complexity to the way its rendered, which is why it works so well. I can tell a lot of thought went into how to execute this so that the end result looks effortless. Some will not consciously pick up on this complexity, but I see it, and it's brilliant. When I first looked at this, I obviously saw a cow that doubles as a fish, but after studying it a bit more, I'm seeing that the cow's nostrils are also the fish's eyes, while the cow's eyes are also the fish's eyebrows. The shape of the cow's pink snout is important, because it also frames the fish's face. And the icing on the cake is the cow's udder, which is also the fish's pectoral or pelvic fin. very, very well done. My only nitpicky comment is one that Matt already pointed out: You should alter one of those Os so that they look truly hand-rendered.

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 25 '11

woa! i love this so much, you have a great ability to create appealing characters, nice type to pair it with too!

Jon i just read your comment, amazing eye!

cpuentes23 said on Jul. 25 '11

Hah! Good one !

brandsanity said on Jul. 25 '11

Thanks for the kind words and floats everyone! Really appreciate it as always. Just gave one of the o's a little tweaking.

@atomicvibe Wow, as Reno said, great eye man... Who'd have thought I could achieve all that without even knowing?! Haha, in complete honesty I didn't even see the other fish until you mentioned- but since spotting it I've begun to push the imagery further by aligning the various parts up (eyes, eyebrows) a little better. Well spotted! You are definitely right about it appearing simple but a lot of time going into constructing though :). You've provided great feedback on a few of my designs now, so cheers for that!

Bernd said on Jul. 25 '11

thst is really really nice ... !!

Atomicvibe said on Jul. 26 '11

If you were able to achieve all that w/o consciously knowing about it, that says a lot about your natural inclination towards design. Bravo!

tasarhane said on Jul. 26 '11

pretty.. :)

nickhood said on Jul. 26 '11

Neat illustration. I like these colors.

rokis said on Jul. 26 '11

Great combo :)

brandsanity said on Aug. 01 '11

Haha, not so sure about that Jon!

Thanks all for the comments and floats.

@nick The colours were referenced from a palette on ColourLovers so I probably shouldn't take credit for them! Great website though for colour ideas and combinations.

shaitandiseƱo said on Feb. 14 '12

Great logo, good

Alleria said on Jan. 28 '13

This MooFish so cute!

flamecrest said on May. 27 '13

that must be the real milkfish :3 kawai

tabithakristen said on Feb. 18 '15

Love this! Just noticed the font similarity with my Lensfish! :D http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/78903

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