banana bird

by deiv • Uploaded: Jul. 22 '11
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Description: fast idea walking the street. sketched something on my phone, walked home, redrew it. / Just found new home and is in use by client.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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Mikeymike said on Jul. 22 '11

fun little walking sketch.

deiv said on Jul. 22 '11


Sean Heisler said on Jul. 22 '11

Ha, that's great!

nickhood said on Jul. 22 '11

Great idea, Deiv.

Atomicvibe said on Jul. 22 '11

Heh, I do this all the time. I drive about an hour each way for my day job, and that leaves me with lots of time to think about ideas. Lots of times, I'll find myself scribbling my ideas on whatever scrap of paper I can get my mitts on when stopped at traffic lights. It's amazing what inspiration you find when you're out and about in the world, sometimes while doing the most mundane things. Great to see you've constantly got your thinking cap on. Love your idea!

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 22 '11


cerise said on Jul. 22 '11

Nice banana design

Bernd said on Jul. 22 '11

great idea ... like it deiv !

deiv said on Jul. 23 '11

thank you, guys! :)
David, it is Adobe heiti a little customized :)

LadyGrey said on Jul. 23 '11

Great concept!

deiv said on Jul. 23 '11

thank you Lady!

deiv said on Jul. 23 '11

Jon, yes i understand you, i know how it feels and looks when you are somewhere you can look, dream, think about something you see, you read. Lots of good things goes to your head... and it reminds who you are or who you want to be... <3 with passion

gilevad said on Jul. 23 '11

diev, very good work!

Nexs said on Jul. 23 '11

Nice bananas :D

cleber said on Jul. 23 '11

G R E A T !

LifeStart said on Jul. 23 '11

Delicios logo))

atomicvibe said on Jul. 23 '11

Hey, big congrats on the gallery spot, Deiv! This is a really great concept.

eflair said on Jul. 23 '11

Fun! As long as we remember to keep our eyes open - inspiration is all around us!

vernics said on Jul. 24 '11

Impressive work Deiv!

deiv said on Jul. 24 '11

thanks all of you for great words!

michaelbe said on Jul. 24 '11

Really like this one !

hertzpectiv said on Jul. 25 '11


deiv said on Jul. 25 '11

thank you, guys!

Noetic Brands said on Jul. 25 '11

nice visualization!

jaquy said on Jul. 27 '11

Good job!!

swigley said on Aug. 01 '11

Brillant use of the negative space. Nice Work!

pjmaster said on Aug. 02 '11

Clever work!

montgomeryq said on Aug. 12 '11

Love this. So simple and clean. You really boiled it down to the essence. If you dont mind, I'd like to discuss this logo in my logo design podcast. Would that be all right?

peg_ said on Aug. 24 '11

so smart

ozloya said on Sep. 01 '11

..very simple, nicely done!!

aviat- said on Sep. 14 '11

Brilliantly clever! Fav'd

deiv said on Sep. 19 '11

thank you, guys :)

naturadamus said on Sep. 29 '11

Man, this is already a million dollar brand. Great work!

Type and Signs said on Nov. 19 '11

when I heard this ... remembered your banana work ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJrHWmCjfx0

deiv said on Nov. 20 '11

Bernd, the "whaaaaat?" you're watchn'?

Type and Signs said on Nov. 20 '11

I'm a big fan of Stuart Zender .... so that's why I've stumbled upon the children's program .... ;D

Dan. said on Nov. 24 '11

Love this. Exemplifies why I don't drive a car! Walking = more thinking time.

deiv said on May. 17 '12

This little bird has just found new home.

dianabata said on Feb. 12 '14

One of the smartest logos I've ever seen.

cj928998 said on Nov. 18 '14

Who use this logo?
I would like to use it with my products.
Can I buy it?


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