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by Mikeymike • Uploaded: Jul. 21 '11
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Description: Unused for a security systems supply store on-line.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: homesecuritylock

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Sean Heisler said on Jul. 21 '11

Clever, Mike! Very nice. I'm not sure you need the keyhole in the O though, doesn't seem needed and is competitive.

ding-dong-design said on Jul. 21 '11

True you would associate the lock to be at the bottom of the lock rather than the front. Like the overall concept though :D

Rokac said on Jul. 21 '11

Fantastic concept Mike. I do concur with Sean regarding the keyhole.

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 21 '11

Great thinking here, I see what Sean Rokac are saying about the O.

Bernd said on Jul. 21 '11

agree with Sean ... there's a lock ... there's house ... so keep it simple ....

helsic said on Jul. 21 '11

I like it because is neat, easy to get the concept and very original

Mikeymike said on Jul. 21 '11

Thx, Sean and everyone else for the comments. thought it might be a tad overkill, but thought it gave a pit of play to the word store. Sort of that here where I enter to get what I need kind of thing. But see all your points. Nice to have some clear eyes take a look see. I may rework on re-post when I get a chance to change it out. cheers.

jerron said on Jul. 21 '11

I like what you have done. This logo makes me feel secure:)

logomotive said on Jul. 21 '11

REALLY nice Mikey. I think it's a perfect idea. I can't believe it got refused.

dotflo said on Jul. 21 '11

all the right elements here mike, great work (kinda agree with Sean about the key hole)

Mikeymike said on Jul. 21 '11

Jerron, thx man, always a treat to hear from ya.
Freelance, thx also.
Mike, what can i say "sometimes you fell like you nailed it, but sometimes you don't. Oh well. cheers and thanks for the comment.
Thanks also to Florin. yeah I agree have to get on that change.
And a big thanks for the gallery post, always a pleasure to get the recognition that one's concept was going in the right direction, at least from my fellow graphic nutz. :) cheers to all!

Mikeymike said on Jul. 21 '11

UPDATED. took out the key hole in the "O". (kinda miss the little fella though. :)

hertzpectiv said on Jul. 21 '11

fantastic idea!

camisa15 said on Jul. 21 '11

well done.

Mikeymike said on Jul. 21 '11

Hertz and camisa thanks for the kinds words.

designtofeel said on Jul. 21 '11

You really can't get much more clear and concise with a message. Nice work.

atomicvibe said on Jul. 21 '11

You've got logo design on lockdown. Nice job.

Mikeymike said on Jul. 21 '11

Sam and jon thanks for the comments. appreciate them both. cheers.

cerise said on Jul. 21 '11

Very clever

cleber said on Jul. 21 '11


richardbaird said on Jul. 22 '11

Yeah this is a solid concept.

sbdesign said on Jul. 22 '11

This is PERFECT!

13mu said on Jul. 22 '11

^ Yeeesss!!!

crislabno said on Jul. 22 '11

EKSTRAKLASA (higher class) :D

nickosma said on Jul. 22 '11


Mikeymike said on Jul. 22 '11

thanks for all the great comments. glad your feeling the design is hitting the mark.

lumo said on Jul. 22 '11

nice on mike!

Mikeymike said on Jul. 22 '11

U da man, James. thx! :)

Noetic Brands said on Jul. 22 '11

COuldnt be better... Key hole needed maybe!

gilevad said on Jul. 23 '11

Nice idea.

Nexs said on Jul. 23 '11

strong idea!

!mude said on Jul. 24 '11

Very nice Mr. Mikeymike

milou said on Jul. 25 '11

Great work, Mikey. Works really well!

Mikeymike said on Jul. 25 '11

Riz, funny I had a key hole in the "O" in the Store. :) all's good. thanks.
Gilevad, Nexs, Dennis and Milou thanks for the nice comments. appreciate it a lot.

hermes said on Aug. 01 '11

looks like this guy is trying to take your idea..pretty much! Same company?


camilorendon said on Oct. 08 '11

Hey MikeyMike. It's a very good idea and execution.

peg_ said on Nov. 04 '11

so graet idea!

Mikeymike said on Nov. 04 '11

hermes, never did see that one. Weird to see that it was crowd sourced out. They contacted me directly and I did some concepts that they didn't feel hit THEIR mark. Then they must have went that route. wow too bad. These type of clients will get want they want BUT not want they need. If you know what I mean. cheers.
Juan, thanks for the compliment, sir.
peg, thanks again for commenting on some of my work. appreciate it.

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