Pirate Paper

by cnasshan • Uploaded: Jul. 11 '11
Gallerized Dec. '12 509c4ef8111d01afeedee5e9b9b947cb.png

Description: First draft of a paper company logo I've been toying around with for a while. The falling paper resembles a ship.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: sailsblackshippaperpirate

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cleber said on Jul. 11 '11

Very good!

THEArtistT said on Jul. 11 '11

Very Clever! Really not a fan of the font, however. The treatment of the falling paper totally makes up for it, though. :)

cnasshan said on Jul. 11 '11

Thank you cleber! Artist, thanks for the feedback, and the compliment! I'm working on a more pirate-themed type. The one above is "paper-cut-out" so I just went with it for now.

tass said on Jul. 13 '11

i think this is very very good, but you should increase at least a bit the contrast to let more people see and enjoy it ;)

cnasshan said on Jul. 14 '11

Thank you tass, for the feedback. I wanted it dark, but I don't want it too dark :)

cnasshan said on Jul. 16 '11

Thank you Juli!

tass said on Jul. 19 '11

Better now :)

cnasshan said on Jul. 20 '11

Thanks again for the suggestion, Tass. Much appreciated! :)

Bernd said on Aug. 24 '11

B E A U T Y ... what an amazing concept

cnasshan said on Sep. 07 '11

Thank you Bernd! And thanks for the floats all :)

Artgeko said on Dec. 01 '12

Very cool, clever!

cnasshan said on Dec. 11 '12

Thank you Artgeko!

rtaveira8 said on Dec. 16 '12

I really like this, fun idea and done very well!

designerdan said on Dec. 17 '12

Great mark. Needs a better font.

orca design said on Dec. 17 '12

very clever

Dan. said on Dec. 17 '12

This be a great logo! Aaarghhhh

Pierro said on Dec. 17 '12

love it.cool

vergad said on Dec. 17 '12

very clever. lovely execution

intimedesigns said on Dec. 18 '12

Absolutely LOVE the ship. Perfect. Not a huge fan of the font as it doesn't seem fit too well. Stellar job overall.

cnasshan said on Dec. 18 '12

Thanks everyone, and thanks again for the spot! It looks like I might need to just tag-team with a clever typographer for my marks. Type definitely has never been my strength...

samijoemansour said on Jul. 11 '13


cnasshan said on Jul. 11 '13

Thanks again Sami for the kind words :)

caion said on Jul. 11 '13

omg, this is waseome!

cnasshan said on Jul. 11 '13

I appreciate it :)

ladygrey said on Aug. 21 '13

like Like LIKE!

cnasshan said on Nov. 01 '13

Thank you Lady :)

ChosenIdea426 said on Mar. 10 '16

Yes, a little more separation/shadows between pages and a different font. It's a winner.

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