by ru_ferret • Uploaded: Jul. 10 '11
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Description: Sushi bar

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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sbdesign said on Jul. 10 '11

no, no, no....:)

ru_ferret said on Jul. 10 '11

What's up?:)

morecolor said on Jul. 10 '11

to gallery also ;)

13mu said on Jul. 10 '11

^ nea

ru_ferret said on Jul. 11 '11

Wow:) Gallery of geishas! Thank ya.

ru_ferret said on Jul. 11 '11

Great news! Approved:)

13mu said on Jul. 11 '11

A to ty uje nadoel so svoimi geishami :))))))

sbdesign said on Jul. 11 '11

ugu, ugu:)

dotflo said on Jul. 11 '11

that's always nice to hear; u delivered some nice concepts mate, congrats for the great work

Mikeymike said on Jul. 11 '11

Damn, this one's nice too. awesome work, nikita.

ru_ferret said on Jul. 11 '11

Sergey, Den, no more, I promise:)
Florin, it really is:) Thank you for appreciating my work.
Mikey, cheers buddy!

milou said on Jul. 11 '11

Congrats on approval, Nikita.

cleber said on Jul. 11 '11

Very nice, I like.

ru_ferret said on Jul. 11 '11

Thanks guys:)

Type and signs said on Oct. 25 '12

masterly arranged !

Petro said on Nov. 08 '12

Look so good!

ru_ferret said on Jan. 24 '13

This one is very funny, 2 in 1 https://es-la.facebook.com/HikariPDE?group_id=0

tabithakristen said on Jan. 24 '13

Am I missing something? The logo you linked looks totally different than yours?

ClimaxDesigns said on Jan. 25 '13

colors from this one actual logo from another one of his tab

tabithakristen said on Jan. 25 '13

yea, I saw his other work that was ripped and posted on Facebook. People have no shame anymore. Sigh.

jeangac said on Jul. 03 '14

Excellent colors and lines!

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