Smart Repair

by PauliusKairevicius • Uploaded: Jun. 25 '11
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Description: Smart Repair is a directory for nearly all companies serving the german smart repairs market. Within the enduser can find the most nearby specialist for his problem and also lots of informative tips and tricks, articles, glossary etc. about smart repair.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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action said on Jun. 26 '11

Thanks Jonas for your observations I will see what I can do with this :)

Bernd said on Jul. 26 '11

very clever work ... so simple and so great ... really amazing !

action said on Jul. 26 '11

Thank you Bernd :)

sbdesign said on Jul. 26 '11

I like it!

nickhood said on Jul. 28 '11

This is so simple and nice.

yuro said on Jul. 29 '11

cool job!

action said on Jul. 31 '11

Great! Is this one need some colours, what do you think guys?

atomicvibe said on Aug. 01 '11

I think it works. It's nice, simple, and clean. Very iconic.

hanuman shakti said on Aug. 20 '11

smart idea....nice!

action said on Aug. 25 '11

Thank you guys for your good words!

deiv said on Aug. 31 '11

great concept. works for me!

action said on Sep. 03 '11

Thank you deiv :)

jands said on Oct. 08 '11

dar nepafloatintas mano buvo ! :D

action said on Oct. 10 '11

Juliau...Are you serious bro? :D

fathlon said on Oct. 24 '11

smart execution and ofcrouse clean work

action said on Oct. 24 '11

@fathlon, thank you :)

Flit said on Nov. 29 '11


action said on Nov. 30 '11

Sergo, thanks man!
BTW, this logo is still looking for home.

effendy said on Dec. 11 '11

Brilliant approach Paul!

action said on Jan. 22 '12

Oh, Ali! Thank you for your thoughts, appreciated :)

creatorlord said on Feb. 13 '12

Like Like.... good thinking

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 13 '12

Amit, thank you for your kind words! :)
P.S. Just did little update with colors!

lukse said on Feb. 13 '12

Great job, Paulius!

EricLarson said on Feb. 13 '12

Maybe move the text up a hair? I love the concept though, great job.

Paulius Kairevicius said on Feb. 13 '12

Lukas, thanks! Glad that you like.
Eric, will try to do that, thanks for your suggestion! Thanks

pjmaster said on Feb. 24 '12

Keep it up Paulius !

Paulius Kairevicius said on May. 01 '12

Updated logo to black&white just for logomilk gallery :)
Hope this logo will be there soon!

Gaffa said on May. 01 '12

Looks great Paul, I see you want to get there too :) Wish it could happen!

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