by -Yoon- • Uploaded: Jun. 16 '11
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Description: We are a Vietnamese Eatery, serve mainly freshly bake vietnamese sandwiches and some vietnamese food.

Status: Nothing set

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Bernd said on Jun. 16 '11

beautiful illustrative mark !

I-am-tiago said on Jun. 16 '11

Nice one.

cpuentes23 said on Jun. 16 '11

Delicious mark

vergad said on Jun. 16 '11

great colours

designtofeel said on Jun. 16 '11


ru_ferret said on Jun. 16 '11

"You know a design is good when you want to lick it" :)

- Yoon - said on Jun. 17 '11

Thanks for good words (:

Mikeymike said on Jun. 17 '11

tasty work indeed.

Mad Skimo said on Jun. 17 '11

This looks delicious! Makes me wanna go there!

folkypaul said on Jun. 17 '11

Nomnom logo!

zomedia said on Jun. 17 '11

Is this for a 99designs contest?

- Yoon - said on Jun. 17 '11

Yep, 99designs contest.

lumavine said on Jun. 17 '11

Even if you win your work is worth more than that. This is fantastic, even if I am opposed to spec-work.

herbyderby said on Jun. 17 '11

Delicious, as always! The star makes it feel a little...political (for lack of a better word) even though the star is the main element in their flag, IMO.

Pozycjonowanie said on Jun. 19 '11

Beautiful ! Good work.

Artgeko said on Oct. 15 '11

Delicious done and color, and the form of the sign.

chanpion said on Oct. 15 '11

Niiice. I want my chilli pork roll!

flit said on Dec. 05 '11

Super Work*!

shortfish said on Dec. 06 '11

How delicious!

robinssoncravents said on Jan. 28 '12

Great one really love the feel

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