by Nekiy • Uploaded: Jun. 13 '11
Gallerized Oct. '12 9634e47b02fcc9449a92466b2dea0d93.png

Description: Logo for fans of zebras.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: jumpingrapidlyjumpgallopzebra

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Mikeymike said on Jun. 13 '11

fun style.

Nekiy said on Jun. 13 '11


contrast8 said on Jun. 13 '11

cute zebras:)

Nekiy said on Jun. 13 '11

strict stallion :)

impodster said on Jun. 13 '11

he he - like the style.

Nekiy said on Jun. 13 '11


cpuentes23 said on Jun. 13 '11

Great Style!

Quintesson said on Jun. 14 '11


Nekiy said on Jun. 14 '11

guys, thanks!

epicantus said on Jun. 14 '11

So cute! :)

Nekiy said on Jun. 15 '11

epicantus, thanks

lecart said on Jun. 15 '11

pretty damn sweet!

wizemark said on Jun. 15 '11

reminded me instantly on the old Brandlogic`s logo, but nonetheless, great symbol. don`t care about the type tho.

Nekiy said on Jun. 15 '11

lecart, wizemark, thanks!

wizemark, unfortunately, or fortunately, but I have not seen the old logo Brandlogic )

nido said on Oct. 15 '12

love the style of this... nice.

ColinTierney said on Oct. 31 '12

love the zebra. it's very fun and playful and has a unique style. i don't care for the type that much. i don't think it relates to the mark at all other than being on the same angle (the angle works well btw). i think a nice custom geometric type with the same whimsical shapes would make more sense.

vergad said on Oct. 31 '12

I have to agree with Colin here. Love that zebra, but the type feels a bit rushed. A little more type love required to take it to the next level.

Konvivial said on Mar. 09 '13

WOW :)

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