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Description: New mark of cleaners

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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Sean Heisler said on Apr. 19 '11

Nice, Sergey, really like that a lot.

sbdesign said on Apr. 19 '11

Thanx Sean:)

raja said on Apr. 19 '11

that is very dramatic - nice thing you've captured

sbdesign said on Apr. 19 '11

Perhaps you are right :)

vernics said on Apr. 19 '11


JoePrince said on Apr. 19 '11

This is real nice Sergey - great play on it.

sbdesign said on Apr. 19 '11

Thanx Joe:)

lumavine said on Apr. 19 '11

Very lovely, but is it appropriate for a cleaners? Doesn't seem to have the right message for that industry.

sbdesign said on Apr. 19 '11

2 lumavine
Excuse for the incorrect description.
It is a logo for a new series of means for cleaning, a sink and washing.
According to the client - the logo is ideally suited for them.
The client simply in delight :)

Besides - it is necessary to leave sometimes from sample thinking:)

bigoodis said on Apr. 19 '11

Good work Serega :)

sbdesign said on Apr. 19 '11

Thanx Vano!:)

sbdesign said on Apr. 20 '11

Thanks Thierry:)

brandsimplicity said on Apr. 20 '11

Looks great!

moisespb said on Apr. 20 '11

very very nice. good job

sbdesign said on Apr. 20 '11

Thanks Fabian & Moises

Type08 said on Apr. 20 '11

Link us with the website mate (if your client launches it), nice work!

rayf said on Apr. 20 '11

Wow, on the mark!

sbdesign said on Apr. 20 '11

Thanks Alen.
But in the beginning packing, and then already a website will be developed

Thanks Jeff

ru_ferret said on Apr. 20 '11

Flawless victory :)

13mu said on Apr. 20 '11


sbdesign said on Apr. 20 '11

2 ru_ferret

hyperborea said on Apr. 20 '11

definitely, very cool approach. I like the idea and casual execution.

sbdesign said on Apr. 20 '11

Thanx Andrej

simon™ said on Apr. 21 '11

Well done Sergey! More logos in the gallery. You deserve it for sure!

sbdesign said on Apr. 21 '11

Thanx Simon :)

libran005 said on Apr. 21 '11

Very creative... and Great style with the typo...

sbdesign said on Apr. 21 '11

Thanks Bharat

logomotive said on Apr. 21 '11

Your projectile is either gonna burst my bubble or burst an Elegant mind.:))))

sbdesign said on Apr. 21 '11

Excuse, so it has turned out:))

almosh82 said on Apr. 21 '11

Absolutely awesome,Sergey:)

sbdesign said on Apr. 21 '11

Thanx Shyam :)

jillz said on Apr. 23 '11

Really great one :)

sbdesign said on Apr. 23 '11

120? At someone a problem with a mouse? :)

sbdesign said on Apr. 23 '11

Thanx Thomas:)

sbdesign said on Apr. 23 '11

Yes, yes....good bug:)

Mikeymike said on Apr. 25 '11

SWEEEET! love this one. excellent.

sbdesign said on Apr. 25 '11

Thanx Mike!:)

cresk said on Apr. 25 '11

Simply a beauty..

sbdesign said on Apr. 26 '11

Thanx Gert van Duinen:)
Sorry, "van" - what is it?:)

dadado said on Apr. 26 '11

That perfect chaos! Just stunning.

sbdesign said on Apr. 28 '11

Thanx dadado:)

jowish77 said on May. 06 '11

great job!!

tanker79 said on May. 06 '11

Very simple and clean logo! I like the communication! Great works

sbdesign said on May. 07 '11

Thanks guys!

khoroshavin said on May. 22 '11


sbdesign said on May. 22 '11


sbdesign said on May. 24 '11


aspecteleven said on Oct. 11 '11

Dude, amazing, wonderful! That's all I can say!

sbdesign said on Oct. 11 '11

Thank you^)

joshs said on Mar. 14 '12

very clever :)

sbdesign said on Mar. 15 '12

Thanks JoshS:)

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