Good Deed Seed

by Brandsanity • Uploaded: Apr. 05 '11
Gallerized Apr. '11 b93e5fc2e4184cf053b4c186a762f075.png

Description: Logo design for internet start-up.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: plantangelhalowingsseed

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Bernd said on Apr. 05 '11

cool one !

brandsanity said on Apr. 05 '11

Thanks man :)

deiv said on Apr. 05 '11

oh yes it is!

hertzpectiv said on Apr. 05 '11

nice, mate!

LadyGrey said on Apr. 05 '11

funny & clever solution

mavric said on Apr. 06 '11

well done, love those

josé said on Apr. 06 '11

love it!

Agencija said on Apr. 07 '11

Funny and sweet!

brandsanity said on Apr. 07 '11

Woohoo, thanks for the gallery spot :D

Cheers for all the comments and floats everyone - really appreciated as always

lumavine said on Apr. 07 '11

Cute! I saw it first as a watermelon, probably because of the color. Maybe go a bit more brown?

logoturn said on Apr. 07 '11

I saw it as a watermelon too, but it still worked because they have so many seeds lol . i love the feel of this and it makes me want to run out buy some kind of wacom tablet to do looser work like this.

brandsanity said on Apr. 07 '11

Ha, that never even crossed my mind! Thanks lumavine. Made the switch to brown as suggested - what do you think?

Thanks logoturn - yeah I'd highly recommend one. I don't think there's a single thing I design without picking up my tablet pen!

Sean Heisler said on Apr. 07 '11

He he. Much better. I thought the same thing, thought it was just me. Good change, Daniel!

dean_brown said on Apr. 07 '11

i liked it better green to be honest stood out a bit more, kinda reminds me of a walnut now. good design non the less

dean_brown said on Apr. 07 '11

quick question :) do you use the wacom tablet or a different one? if you use a wacom do you just buy the bamboo? or do you need to add additional software to create things like this

brandsanity said on Apr. 07 '11

I have a wacom now but used to own a cheaper Trust tablet. The Trust one was awesome to try out before splashing out so much money on the wacom - but once I made the switch there really is no comparison! I do alot of hand drawn illustration and animation so it's pretty much a necessity for me, but I find myself using it for practically everything design related now... It works just like a mouse once the drivers have been installed so it can be used with just about any program that has freehand tools.

dean_brown said on Apr. 07 '11

thats cool which type wacom?

brandsanity said on Apr. 08 '11

dean_brown said on Apr. 08 '11

much appreciated

JF said on Apr. 09 '11

So, brandsanity...do you have any issues with nib wear, or tablet surface wear, or grooves worn into the tablet surface with your wacom bamboo fun pen and touch?

brandsanity said on Apr. 09 '11

Nope, none of that! Had it almost 2 years now - it's had some heavy usage and i'm only on my second nib (I was pressing much too hard with my first, the second has barely any wear at all!)

Have you been having problems with yours?

Oronoz ® said on Apr. 11 '11

Really nice work!!

grahammond said on Apr. 14 '11


wizemark said on Apr. 14 '11


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