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Description: It is an ecological and healthy product for hair, skin care. Sitting buddha: on hands in negative is a leaf symbolizing helth, nature and care.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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contrast8 said on Mar. 22 '11


deiv said on Mar. 22 '11

thank you, Deividas! ;)

lumavine said on Mar. 22 '11

The head reminds me of a Lego man. :0

deiv said on Mar. 22 '11

:D oh Luma...

Simon™ said on Mar. 22 '11

great visual pun.

Sean Heisler said on Mar. 22 '11

Nice. I like how the stem of the leaf looks like praying hands, not sure if that is intentional. The head is a tad lego-like. :)

sbj said on Mar. 22 '11

nice idea

deiv said on Mar. 22 '11

> Simon, thank you

> Sean, yes, sir, yes! It is relaxing and meditation ;) again lego... :D

> SaurabhJ, thank you ;)

Pierro said on Mar. 22 '11

Nice and clean. I like it.

palattecorner said on Mar. 22 '11


lecart said on Mar. 31 '11

I love the execution.

matjak said on Aug. 09 '11

Love this. Nice job mate.

nicoleidoscope said on Sep. 29 '11

this is amazing!

Type and Signs said on Sep. 30 '11

very very nice deiv !

Agencija said on Sep. 30 '11

love it

GopsokLa said on Sep. 30 '11

For me the feets need to work out a lil

victor_bartis said on Oct. 02 '11

nice visual! looks good. agree with the lego thing. I would also like to see it in more rigid geometric lines, but that's very subjective.

deiv said on Oct. 03 '11

thank you a lot. about lego head... damn i guess they made lego heads inspired by buddha, so now you say buddha is like a lego. lol. :) about forms, lines and other things. It is good how it is now it has some sort of drop feeling, a bit dynamic, without sharp edges.

jands said on Oct. 15 '11

super ! Saunuolis !

Antonio Cappucci said on Nov. 03 '11

Very nice concept!

Dan. said on Nov. 18 '11

i like this. you got the leaf in there, and it still looks very natural. nice work!

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