Billy Turf

by Mikeymike • Uploaded: Mar. 02 '11
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Description: Toying around with an unused goat icon.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: potterycraftbarngoat

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Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

older goat icon (unused) so i am just trying out a different name and seeing what develops. thoughts?

Agencija said on Mar. 02 '11


Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

Thank you , Agencija.

mcdseven said on Mar. 02 '11

cool icon, mikey dam cool, though a bit more of a word play is needed. Goatgruff, or just gruff, would make a cool fashion line, cool looking embroidered.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

nice Idea, Paul, I had toyed with "Billy Goatgruff" but it seemed to long. like yours, shorter, simpler.

mcdseven said on Mar. 02 '11

Gruff... yeah I think you could do somethign with. When I look at the horn Im nearly seeing a G.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

another reason I was working with barn was I was trying to get a old barn shape in the negative space between the legs. But I kind of like your direction.

mcdseven said on Mar. 02 '11

yeah i see what you mean, thats good, regardless you have a nice interesting piece to work on!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

Thanks, pajga.
Thanks again, Paul.

jerron said on Mar. 02 '11

I love it, face him forward maybe.

tinytebow said on Mar. 02 '11

Agree, the goat facing right I think will help.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

good suggestion. I'll reload. :) thanks.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

UPDATED: goat right.

JoePrince said on Mar. 02 '11

Good God this Goat is Good.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

that's a lot of "G's", Joe. :) thanks, man.

ColinTierney said on Mar. 02 '11

wow dude.

Type08 said on Mar. 02 '11

Cool move, Mike! I see it applied on some stylish retro outdoors equipment.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

Thanks, Colin.
good call, Alen. Maybe I should call it "Billy Tuff"

Type08 said on Mar. 02 '11

Or Billy Turf ;)

Hayes Image said on Mar. 02 '11

^ That's clever :) Nice mark too!

Sean Heisler said on Mar. 02 '11

Very cool, mike, you old goat!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

billy turf.....hummmm me likes.
thanks mr. hayes.
you too, sean, ya kidd! :)

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

Changed up to "Billy Turf". Hope that's okay Alen. let me know if it is. thanks for the suggestion man.

Type08 said on Mar. 02 '11

I'll just send you my IBAN! ;) It's great my friend and I really think it fits! Who said that there's no more real Pond energy over here?!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 02 '11

indeed, you rock!

jurcek said on Mar. 02 '11

love it..

lumo said on Mar. 02 '11

tough stuff mike.

hertzpectiv said on Mar. 02 '11

lovin this one..

mikibo said on Mar. 02 '11

Dope logo!

sbj said on Mar. 02 '11

very nice..

milou said on Mar. 03 '11

Even better when flipped Mikey. Fine tuned curves.

firebrand said on Mar. 03 '11

Love it Mikey!

pjmaster said on Mar. 03 '11

I love minimal approach and visual stability. Mike, I see Pacman in the negative space :)

wizemark said on Mar. 03 '11

Bravo, Mike.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 03 '11

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and floats. Really appreciate all the insight.
And thanks for the gallery spot.

nido said on Mar. 03 '11

great illustration style...

Mikeymike said on Mar. 03 '11

thanks, nido.

cresk said on Mar. 03 '11

This one is ace mate!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 03 '11

thanks, Gert.

noblehuman said on Mar. 03 '11

this is so tight

ru_ferret said on Mar. 03 '11

That's pretty cool Mikey.

brandsimplicity said on Mar. 03 '11

Wow, awesome Mikey. Got to love the power of the pond!

cresk said on Mar. 03 '11

This mark instantly reminded me of something but I couldn't pinpoint it at first glance, but know I know.

Here's the mark from legendary Stefan Kanchev who once made this mark for Rodopa at http://stefankanchev.com/img/logos/7-1.gif

cresk said on Mar. 03 '11

Just realized that I need to add that my previous comment was not meant to suggest plagiarism. In terms of aesthetics I think I'd even prefer this one over the other. Just to let you know.

outlander said on Mar. 04 '11

nice one

Mikeymike said on Mar. 04 '11

@noblehuman, thanks sir.
@Nikita, thanks bud.
@ thanks, Fabian. Pond power indeed. both Paul and Alen (for sure) gave some great name help. love this place.
@Gert, thanks for sending the Kanchev image, its great. I hadn't seen it before, but I love the style.
@outlander, thanks for the comment.
And thanks for all the floats. cheers everyone.

lecart said on Mar. 04 '11

Mike, I wanted to let you know that this isn't centered in the canvas. :D Great work, man!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 04 '11

lecart, thanks man. I loaded so quick after Alen threw name at me that I didn't notice. thanks for the heads up. I will reload.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 04 '11

centered. thanks lecart.

Oronoz ® said on Mar. 05 '11

WOW this looks great!!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 05 '11

Thanks, Alan.

logomotive said on Mar. 05 '11

Looks Great like Oronoz said.

Eldrith said on Mar. 06 '11


fanego said on Mar. 07 '11

now that's a nice goat!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 07 '11

thanks, Mike, means a lot.
Eldrith and Fanego thanks so much for the comments.

Rokac said on Mar. 08 '11

Beauty Mikey!:)

Mikeymike said on Mar. 08 '11

thanks, Roko. appreciate it a bunch, man.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 11 '11

crossed over into my first Club 100 float. Wow, never thought... thanks everyone for the float of confirmation.

jerron said on Mar. 11 '11

Good job Mike, I have yet to accomplish that.

firebrand said on Mar. 11 '11

Congrats Mikey, well deserved.

milou said on Mar. 11 '11

Well deserved, Mike.

Type08 said on Mar. 11 '11

Told yah buddy! :)

Mikeymike said on Mar. 11 '11

@Jerron, you got one now, you shutterbug.:) Can't believe I hadn't floated that one. I know I looked at it so many times. Glad to be the one that hit the 100 for ya.
Roy thanks. love your work.
Milou, appreciate it man.
Alen, again thanks for the name suggestion. Just felt good.

bigoodis said on Mar. 11 '11

congrats Mike :)

Mikeymike said on Mar. 31 '11

thanks, ivan. much appreciated.

JoePrince said on Mar. 31 '11

Missed club 100...congrats Mikey!

Agencija said on Mar. 31 '11

Congrants also logo of Mont March on Logomoose!!!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 31 '11

thanks, joe for being a part of that 100 group early on.
and thanks, agencija, for noticing the logomoose honor. that was a pleasant surprise today. (:

xhelazz3 said on May. 05 '11

very cute!

Mikeymike said on May. 06 '11

thanx, xhelazz3. much appreciated.

peg_ said on Aug. 26 '11

good job

Mikeymike said on Aug. 31 '11

thx, peg.

Noetic Brands said on Sep. 15 '11

Super stuff Mike!

Mikeymike said on Sep. 15 '11

THX, Riz. :)

Noetic Brands said on Sep. 15 '11

Super stuff Mike!Bravo!

cetidesign said on Feb. 20 '12

very nice shape, Mike)

Mikeymike said on Feb. 20 '12

THX, Max. :)

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