purple critter

by milou • Uploaded: Feb. 28 '11

Description: Our Purple Critter is:
Animal-like /
Gender Neutral /
Youthful /
Modern /
Playful /
Quiet /
Simple /
Purple /
Fun /

As seen on: purplecritter.us

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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milou said on Feb. 28 '11

If you would like to see the mark bigger, go here:

lecart said on Feb. 28 '11

looking great so for, man. just thinking the head is just a tad too big? or are you going for a bit of a scary figure?

contrast8 said on Feb. 28 '11

yeah, looking great:)

milou said on Feb. 28 '11

Much appreciated guys.

@lecart - I think, I know what you mean, will look closer at those curves there and reduce them a lil bit.

palattecorner said on Mar. 01 '11

good one keep going:)

milou said on Mar. 01 '11

Thanks palettecorner!

Rokac said on Mar. 01 '11

Cute stuff Milosz:) I just remembered a movie called "Critters" or something like that. But those weren't that cute:)

milou said on Mar. 01 '11

Glad you think so Roko, heh thought of the same movie when I heard their name :-)

milou said on Mar. 14 '11

Client loved it, final approach.

morecolor said on Mar. 14 '11

To gratulacje dla Ciebie i klienta ;)

milou said on Mar. 14 '11

Dziekuje Kamilu!

LadyGrey said on Mar. 15 '11

Perfect animal

milou said on Mar. 15 '11

Glad to hear that, LadyGrey!

Agencija said on Apr. 07 '11

Very energic and sypmaticus! For whic purpose client is logo? Thanks

milou said on Apr. 07 '11

Cheers, they're doing headshot photography in NYC.

myway999 said on Apr. 10 '11

superb one, my friend.

milou said on Apr. 10 '11

Thanks buuuuuudy!

bitencourt said on Apr. 10 '11

Amazing colors, Milou. As usual :)

milou said on Apr. 11 '11

Thanks comrade! :-)

simon™ said on May. 02 '11

Cool name and logo, Milou.

milou said on May. 03 '11

Cheers Simon, it's live on their website: http://www.purplecritter.us/

simon™ said on May. 03 '11

Milou, the logo works even better on the site. The crazy name works even better against this clean white space and slick portrait photography.

milou said on May. 30 '11

Why thank you Simon, I'm really glad you think so :-)

Kliment said on Feb. 07 '12

hahah yes!

milou said on Feb. 16 '12


nickhood said on Feb. 16 '12

I like it a lot! Like Simon said, it does look great on their website too.

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