by cresk • Uploaded: Feb. 25 '11

Description: © Gert van Duinen | idgram

As seen on: cresk

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Mason Roberts said on Feb. 25 '11

Nice idea & good execution... was this for a real client or just some practice/fun?

richardbaird said on Feb. 25 '11

Agree, really neat

lecart said on Feb. 25 '11

Wasn't this already here?

milou said on Feb. 25 '11

^ This is a repost.
^^ Marked as client work.

Very cool Gert, strong.

cresk said on Feb. 25 '11

Thanks for the assistence Milou.
Yes, it was already here Stelian, but I accidentally deleted this post while I was just trying to add a couple of extra tags :)

cresk said on Feb. 25 '11

Thanks Mason & Richard.
This is one concept I created for a company specialised in writing optimized text based on targeted keywords. When they go for this concept, the actual name will be revealed any time soon.

jurcek said on Feb. 25 '11

good job

Mikeymike said on Feb. 25 '11

clean and meaningful. real nice work.

Sean Heisler said on Feb. 25 '11

^ Agreed, fantastic, Gert.

cresk said on Feb. 25 '11

Thanks for your comments Jure, Mike & Sean, always appreciated!

1pxrgba said on Apr. 18 '11

This is a lovely logo. Mike summed it up well%u2014clean and meaningful. This is one of my personal favs.

cresk said on Apr. 18 '11

Thanks Glen, appreciate it!

Nagual said on Sep. 13 '11

Cool job!

creatorlord said on Jan. 11 '12

Great.... :)

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