DODO pizza

by sbdesign • Uploaded: Feb. 07 '11
Gallerized Feb. '11 28f2c9e4215c6f00f811efef216bceb8.png

Description: Pizzeria

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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13mu said on Feb. 07 '11

cool'naja ptaha!!!

andreiu said on Feb. 07 '11

great birdie!

alterego said on Feb. 07 '11

Honestly this bird got lot of character ...

13mu said on Feb. 07 '11

Ja b tebe medal' dal za eto!!! ;)

sbdesign said on Feb. 07 '11

a - netu?:))))

designabot said on Feb. 07 '11

so cool!!

sean heisler said on Feb. 07 '11

Sweet bird!

gphoto said on Feb. 08 '11

I like your style. great job.

13mu said on Feb. 08 '11

Ja je skazal vruchat medal' :)))

serhos said on Feb. 08 '11

Funny DODO;) Great stuff Serg!

sbdesign said on Feb. 08 '11

Spasibo reb'ata!:)

Pierro said on Feb. 08 '11

didi dodo! cooooool!!

sbdesign said on Feb. 08 '11


LadyGrey said on Feb. 08 '11

hlebanut... sya hot pizza

guyzelz said on Feb. 08 '11

I love the style and feel, but to be honest I had to click through the main page to find out what the name was... DODO is really pushing the boundary of readable on this one.

Mikeymike said on Feb. 08 '11

very cool, love it. great style.

52 Week Highs said on Feb. 08 '11

Love the design but the letters aren't apparent as letters the first time you see the logo.

rubus said on Feb. 08 '11

shiny, love it!)

hamidos said on Feb. 09 '11

amazing concept and color sheme

harlawkid said on Feb. 09 '11

The bird is amazing!
Im in love with it...

mariocoba said on Feb. 09 '11

Yes! Like it!

outlander said on Feb. 09 '11

luv t

umbra said on Feb. 10 '11


Petro said on Feb. 10 '11

Very good and catchy logo!

alejandroy said on Feb. 11 '11

I love the bird. Just a thought: how does this logo relate to pizza?

wizmaya said on Feb. 12 '11

Don't care about the pizza. Gimme the dodo! LOVE this!

dora wang said on Feb. 13 '11

That is so cute!

lboi said on Feb. 16 '11

quirky, fun and nicely done! love the lettering!

square69 said on Feb. 19 '11

Love it!

raja said on Feb. 19 '11

^ me too

infinito® said on May. 12 '11


Hunter3d said on May. 23 '11

Unused? =/

I love it, Great Stuff here!

sbdesign said on May. 23 '11

Yes, unused:)

Type and Signs said on Dec. 09 '11

funny guy ... need "un pezzo di pizza" ...

sbdesign said on Feb. 24 '12

ne.... ia uzhe smeus':)

mariagroenlund said on Apr. 15 '13

So charming!

JULiR said on Oct. 14 '13

Obozayu vashi logo!!! Super!)))

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