by contrast8 • Uploaded: Feb. 06 '11

Description: part of identity, i am working. logo will be for website. will be using abbreviation mo.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: contrast8monkeyanimal

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lecart said on Feb. 06 '11

haha, cute

contrast8 said on Feb. 06 '11

thanks Stelian:)

deiv said on Feb. 06 '11

i like it very much. and it is even better that it is not in the center! (as always) :D

contrast8 said on Feb. 06 '11

like always :D

ALL4LEO said on Feb. 06 '11

I see new style in your works, and I like it very much!

deree said on Feb. 06 '11

excelent :)

itsgareth said on Feb. 06 '11

Nice monkey :) Type is overpowering IMO

contrast8 said on Feb. 06 '11

tipe will be used alot like wordmark. and monkey as charakter.

kugelis said on Feb. 06 '11

eye catching...

morecolor said on Feb. 06 '11

deiv said on Feb. 06 '11

mad skills there :)

contrast8 said on Feb. 06 '11


ru_ferret said on Feb. 07 '11

Cute fellas.

vernics said on Feb. 07 '11

Very cool monkey!

thearslan said on Feb. 07 '11

good work

Mikeymike said on Feb. 07 '11

fun stuff here, very cool. I like.

contrast8 said on Feb. 08 '11

thanks guys, realy apriciated:)

vovy said on Feb. 21 '11

Grazus darbas. Gal but reiktu pastorinti uodega? : )

contrast8 said on Feb. 21 '11

aciu:)is uzsakovo puses, buvo prasymas paploninti:)

nps152 said on Feb. 26 '11

WOW!! This is sick! Good job!

contrast8 said on Feb. 27 '11

thanks, for your comments:)

lecart said on Feb. 27 '11

still as cute as i first saw it. B)

contrast8 said on Feb. 27 '11

thanks Stelian:) hope will show this cutie live soon:)

vsevolod said on May. 23 '11


contrast8 said on Jun. 25 '11

good, that work is going:)

hanuman shakti said on Aug. 23 '11

good logogram and nice typo....:) love it

LadyGrey said on Oct. 29 '11

honey, funny
& the very pleasant

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