by alterego • Uploaded: Feb. 03 '11
Gallerized Feb. '11 1b4a3f3b6319d2858768d3f21bdc6909.png

Description: OP monogram formed form a peeled orange

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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vernics said on Feb. 03 '11


alterego said on Feb. 03 '11

Thanks man ...

Type08 said on Feb. 03 '11

Cool concept, Stylesh!

dotflo said on Feb. 03 '11

yes, very goodd, maybe the font could be bigger

alterego said on Feb. 03 '11

@ Alen
Thanks man :)
@ Capota
Will upload updated version

matto said on Feb. 03 '11

Delicious stuff :)

nitish.b said on Feb. 03 '11

sweet mark stylesh, IMO, production needs to breath a lil more, maybe shifting it down 2pxls will make it compose btr, what do u say? the leaves on the top of the mark can be smother, or i am looking into to much nitty grities..:D

alterego said on Feb. 03 '11

@ matto
Glad you like it mate :)
@ Maskmagician
LOL you may right buddy am also little confused with leaf part...

JF said on Feb. 03 '11

Would like to see the leaves be a shade of green; right now it's not very apparent they're leaves.

jurcek said on Feb. 03 '11

thumbs up

nareshdhondi said on Feb. 03 '11

Simply Superb Dude! Keep it up!

alterego said on Feb. 04 '11

Increased the font size a bit . What you think guys ?

contrast8 said on Feb. 04 '11

i think make it little bolder and increse little:) imo

logomotive said on Feb. 04 '11

I really like this. Have you thought of making the P just a drip of juice?

alterego said on Feb. 04 '11

@ MIke
:) that would be interesting. I really appreciate your suggestion.

ru_ferret said on Feb. 04 '11

Well deserved gallery spot, congrats.

LadyGrey said on Feb. 04 '11

honey sign

Pierro said on Feb. 05 '11

I love it!!

almosh82 said on Feb. 05 '11

Fantastic work Shylesh!!

alterego said on Feb. 05 '11

Thanks friends. Thanks for your good words :)

nido said on Feb. 05 '11

well done... came out great.

nitish.b said on Feb. 05 '11

tr u go, looking mast

sanya said on Feb. 05 '11

This is cool. I would add a detail http://picbite.com/image/144282shfds/

AmandaPanda said on Feb. 05 '11

This logo is outstanding. It is so clean, but with such innovative thinking. If you don't mind me asking, what was your creative process to achieve the final product?? It's beautiful and I love it!

alterego said on Feb. 06 '11

@ Nido
Thanks people your words encouraging me lot ..
@ AmandaPanda
Thanks!.Right now am working on branding once it completed i will display everything so stay tune :)

amandapanda said on Feb. 07 '11

I can't wait, this is seriously inspiring! I'll be on the look out for your next post :)

hyperborea said on Feb. 15 '11

I like this. Great monogramic imagery.

action said on May. 17 '11

I like this logo so much! Monogram is outstanding :o

1ta said on Aug. 18 '11

clever :o)

flit said on Dec. 27 '11

Looks good

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