Destino Turistico Santa Cruz Bolivia

by josepetit • Uploaded: Jun. 27 '07
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Description: Designed to promote the tourist destinies that it offers the city of Santa Cruz in Bolivia. It contains elements of the natural and patrimonial diversity of the territory.

As seen on: www.petitpetitestudio.com

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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chanpion said on Jun. 27 '07

Nothing to change! With such a lengthy name but still manage to balance this out together with a spectacular mark, bravo! Thumbs up in every department for me.

mokenke said on Jun. 27 '07

I love this logo. I do feel that the circles are a bit too thick. I thing making them thiner will more beautifuly integrate the three elements inside.

dirksierd said on Jun. 28 '07

That's amazing, I've been to santa cruz once, seeing this logo makes me wanna go back!

Good job

ulysses said on Jun. 28 '07

An excellent logo. Its significant and gorgeous. And it works in b/w. I agree with mokenke, perhaps make the lines a little bit finer. Great job!

dache said on Jun. 28 '07

Try make the strokes (mostly by the green area and the beak) all the same size. Id also mirror the windows on the right side. Near the bottom of the birds neck it has a rather dirty curve.

I think this is a great concept and hope you can render it even better.

Fux said on Jun. 28 '07

I like the logo pretty much, the elements are good arranged and i guess they characterise Santa Cruz really good. But i agree with mokenke that the circles are too heavy. The elements getting smothered by the black shapes, they have not enough space for beeing the essential thing in the mark.
Getting the whole thing a bit lighter would support the nice elements inside and of course the impression of santa cruz as a tourist location where you can relax yourself.

The type is PERFECT.

Kliment said on Jun. 28 '07

amazing !

senterbrands said on Jun. 28 '07

I like how the uneveness of the stokes in the mark adds character. Don't change a thing.

OcularInk said on Jun. 28 '07

A true beauty!!

Art Machine said on Jun. 28 '07

Really nice, but the black strokes are overpowering the main graphical elements a little.

josepetit said on Jun. 28 '07

Thanks to all for the opinions, ithelps me to continue forward. Soon estre showing them more. They can see the applications of the logo in www.destinosantacruz.com
Best Regards

firebrand said on Jun. 28 '07

A unique concept, well done. I'm curious how this would look if you deleted the black background altogether and tightened it up a little.
The bird could borrow one of the neighbouring colours. Nice work.

kult house said on Jun. 28 '07

Boy, you're really a fan of using birds in your logos.

josepetit said on Jun. 28 '07

Hi kurt, thank you for your appraisal. Actually these works were realized for different companies that they needed to introduce the concept of the bird in the logo. You are cordial invited to looking at our other logo and to leave us your commentaries. Cordial regards

nido said on Jun. 28 '07

beautifull!... im jealous!

josepetit said on Jun. 28 '07

Thanks Nido :)

Cordial Regards

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said on Jun. 29 '07

Beautiful logo image!

josepetit said on Jun. 29 '07

Hi Relevant

It is an honor to be able to read so good things. Thank you for your good energy.
Cordial regards

efe-zero said on Jul. 03 '07

excelente logo, buen trabajo!!!

josepetit said on Jul. 03 '07

Gracias efe-zero, comentame de donde sos.


neogrey said on Jul. 06 '07

Great job, I agree with the people before me. I just don't feel that Times New Roman in place... use other serif, Legacy Serif for example - anything but Times :)

josepetit said on Jul. 06 '07

Hi Neogrey

Thank you for your commentary and to contribute your suggestion.

Cordial regards

LOGOMOTIVE said on Jul. 10 '07

I really like this one, but feel the outside outline BLACK needs to be reduced to the same size as ithe inner circles/parts.

josepetit said on Jul. 11 '07

Hi Logomotive
Thank you for your suggestion. Actually the black contour I realize to support a rectangle between the figure and the letter. I expect it has liked to you
Regards from Bolivia

bogglins said on Aug. 12 '07


josepetit said on Aug. 25 '07

ThaNKS bogglins !!!

josepetit said on Jan. 17 '08

Gracias Lalohead

Gracias a dios un comentario en espaol jajajaj.

Un abrazo desde aqui

magicshadow said on Nov. 05 '09

beautifull , this logo catch my eyes

josepetit said on Jan. 01 '10

Thank you for your words Magicshadow. I invite you to see my other works, cordial regards

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