Profis Bud

by midgar • Uploaded: Jan. 12 '11
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Description: Producer of timber houses.

Client wanted to emphasize quality, nature, beauty, uniqueness, trust and avoid references to traditional symbols (roofs, doors, windows, buildings) used within this industry.

You can find out more about the logo here:

As seen on: Profis Bud

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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wizemark said on Jan. 12 '11

nice mark.

morecolor said on Jan. 12 '11

Ladne lande ;)

rudy hurtado said on Jan. 12 '11

Agreed, great mark

matto said on Jan. 12 '11


firebrand said on Jan. 12 '11

Yes, inspiring image.

vasvari said on Jan. 12 '11

It's a perfect work! Nice ligature. Congrats.

Sean Heisler said on Jan. 12 '11

Yes, very nice indeed.

milou said on Jan. 12 '11

Ten italic w tagu mnie nie przekonuje, znak zarabisty.

wizmaya said on Jan. 12 '11

Great mark, very nice execution!

topicha said on Jan. 12 '11

nice work :)

sbj said on Jan. 12 '11

awesome mark..

midgar said on Jan. 13 '11

Thank you all - it`s very appreciated!

Coz, italic na wyrazne zyczenie klienta, wiec staralem sie raczej minimalizowac straty;-)

magicshadow said on Jan. 13 '11

jest pi%u0119kny , its beautiful ;)

allanyoung said on Jan. 13 '11


LadyGrey said on Jan. 13 '11

classy & skilfully

sebastiany said on Jan. 13 '11

nice solution

brandclay said on Jan. 13 '11

Wonderfully beautiful

Mikeymike said on Jan. 13 '11

art. nice.

epicantus said on Jan. 14 '11

Absolutely elegant!

brandsimplicity said on Jan. 14 '11

Beautiful work!

milou said on Jan. 16 '11

@midgar - Rozumiem nasz klient nasz pan ;-) W kazdym razie kawal dobrej roboty!

barbararocas said on Jan. 18 '11

Very elegant design, really liking this.

brandsanity said on Jan. 19 '11

Love the elegance of this, nice work!

josephblalock said on Feb. 12 '11

Really elegant.

JoePrince said on Mar. 09 '11

So good man. Just browsed your showcase - love your work.

midgar said on Mar. 10 '11

Thanks Joe, and the same to you.

100+ said on Apr. 15 '11

its reamindable mark !!!

Hunter3d said on May. 23 '11

Beautifull composition!

Raoul Camion said on Jun. 08 '11

Really elegant, Bravo !

oscarcuriel said on Sep. 12 '12

Very Solid Brand!!!

brunoseven said on Dec. 07 '12

one of my favorite logos at all.

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