Empire Dentistry

by Brandsanity • Uploaded: Jan. 11 '11
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Description: An old Roman style helmet and a tooth within the negative space.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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design-northwest said on Jan. 12 '11

Like this! Good stuff!

brandsanity said on Jan. 12 '11


allanyoung said on Jan. 14 '11


topicha said on Jan. 14 '11

nice idea !:) maybe the form of tooth needs a little bit correction

alterego said on Jan. 14 '11

clever stuff...

Spavvic said on Jan. 14 '11

really good )

lumo said on Jan. 14 '11

likin it

Mikeymike said on Jan. 14 '11

quite a progression through the different concepts. Really liken how this one turned out. nice.

vernics said on Jan. 14 '11

Fantastic! Well deserved gallery spot. :)

brandsanity said on Jan. 14 '11

Thanks for the gallery spot, never expected that!Cheers for the comments and floats too guys, really appreciated.

@topicha Yeah I guess it could be more technically accurate - I've done a lot of messing with the tooth shape to make sure both the tooth and helmet are recognisable.

Sean Heisler said on Jan. 14 '11

Floated this early on, I think it's great!

logoboom said on Jan. 14 '11

unique. better check your centered alignment. it's off.

artmns2 said on Jan. 15 '11

nice job

LadyGrey said on Jan. 15 '11


Logolibre said on Jan. 15 '11

You negative space = positive logo.
And I agree with logoboom

brandsanity said on Jan. 15 '11

Thanks all!

Hmm, everything is slap bang centre... Maybe it's shadow on the chin that's throwing it off balance?

hmmbird said on Jan. 15 '11

Very Very Awesome!!!

brandsanity said on Jan. 16 '11

Cheers. :)

What are your thoughts on the name "TOOTHGUARD" for this instead?

koodoz said on Jan. 16 '11

Great solution!

brandsanity said on Jan. 16 '11

Thanks man!

What are thoughts on the revised name?

brandsanity said on Jan. 16 '11

Thanks for the input - yeah I think you're right. Name has been reverted back to original.

Chad Sanderson said on Jan. 16 '11

This is pretty cool.

Jedah Doma said on Jan. 17 '11

As others have said, very clever. The mix is subtle and ingenious.

Oronoz ® said on Jan. 17 '11

Great idea!! Nice work!!

jhobbs115 said on Jan. 18 '11

I am interested in hiring you to create a logo for my company. However, I can't seem to locate your contact information on this website. I can be reached at joehobbs115@yahoo.com. Thanks.


barbararocas said on Jan. 18 '11

Such a clever design, I would love to see a black&white version of this.

hamidos said on Jan. 19 '11

wow.. roman empire.. i like the idea..

raja said on Jan. 19 '11

Even if you were serious - this would just come across to pretentious for a dentist's office - assuming that's what you were pretending this to be for.

Also, the Roman association, helmets were worn by the warriors I think - and boy, did they ever have bad teeth.

In the profession of building smiles, I think this would fail once you look past the 'oh there's a tooth in there' realization

Looks to be making some people happy though, so don't mind me...

alexanderspliid said on Jan. 19 '11

^ agree, and first of all why would any dentist be named "EMPIRE"?

brandsanity said on Jan. 20 '11

Thanks everyone, appreciated :)

@raja Cheers for the feedback. Yeah I see what you're saying, but I guess that's the great thing about designing just for fun - ideas can be explored that would never usually even be considered. I was originally designing a logo for a company called "Royal Dentistry" and once I saw the helmet/tooth combination I just had to get it down! Even though I knew the company would never go with it... I agree about the pretentious thing, I think people like to see a more clean, welcoming (and generally blue) logo at their dentist. But hey, what's the point of limiting - with design anything can happen :)

@alexanderspliid I guess that's like saying why would any bookstore name themselves Waterstones? They don't sell water or stones, nor does the name have any relation to books... Looking at the gallery it can easily be seen that companies have a whole array of names - none related to anything the companies actually do/sell - and just a quick google search shows there are already a number of dental related companies called Empire! Another name I did consider using though was "ToothGuard". With this design the idea came first, and then the name followed.

brandsanity said on Jan. 20 '11

Although I guess it may sound better if I said I explored hundreds of names - but the name Empire came to mind as it represented both strength and unity!

brandsanity said on Jan. 20 '11

...followed by the idea of "Conquering tooth decay!"

richardbaird said on Jan. 20 '11

Seems like you certainly had fun with this one regardless of it's lack of applicability.

jasonday said on Jan. 20 '11

I think this is a successful logo as well, I like the overall effect. The only thing I would like to see is a version without the helmet spike. The spike adds additional visual noise, and I would be interested to see how the logo played with it removed.

128K said on Jan. 26 '11

This is the real deal. Nice work. Speaking of pretentious, check your own comment! Any dentist with a practice named Empire would be more than ecstatic with that logo. I'm sure any dentist would buy that logo even with a completely unrelated name. We all know some our best ideas are unrestrained by client limitations anyway. I say bravo brandsanity!

128K said on Jan. 26 '11

Tooth Guard could definitely work. Just change it to a company that sells mouth guards.

raja said on Mar. 15 '11

128K are you a dentist? - your certainty suggests so

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