by Type08 • Uploaded: Jan. 10 '11
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Description: Logo for a media company from USA.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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m1sternoname said on Jan. 10 '11

How did your showcase get deleted? What a shame! Then again, now we get to see them once again :)

Digging the mark here, not a big fan of harabara (right?) though

milou said on Jan. 10 '11

Mark is still awe-awesome.

nitish.b said on Jan. 10 '11

double digs to push the mark again...:)

cresk said on Jan. 10 '11

Nice mark, simple and clean!

sbj said on Jan. 10 '11

nice symbol..

hertzpectiv said on Jan. 10 '11

nice and clean..

richardbaird said on Jan. 10 '11

Nice work, good to see this in the gallery.

kamps said on Jan. 10 '11

Nice, clean and so trendy :)

Type08 said on Jan. 10 '11

Thank you all peeps! Glad to receive such a strong feedback about it again!

Mikeymike said on Jan. 10 '11

Always loved it. nice Alen. clean, fun and memorable.

hamidos said on Jan. 10 '11

wow...perfect concept..

javaap said on Jan. 11 '11

What?!? didn't i float this a long time ago? weird... great logo Alen!

vasvari said on Jan. 11 '11

Great work Alen!

Pierro said on Jan. 11 '11

Clever .

phar_fetched said on Jan. 11 '11

Fantastic, so many great details in this. Good job

Type08 said on Jan. 14 '11

Mike, Anie, Java, Peter, Pierro and Kit, thank you all! I appreciate it!

paul rand said on Jan. 18 '11


Type08 said on Jan. 28 '11

Paul and Steve, thank you!

puru said on Mar. 15 '11

Great Concept..

Type08 said on Mar. 16 '11

Thanks Puru!

flashman said on Mar. 17 '11


Type08 said on Mar. 18 '11

Thank you Flashman!

Hunter3d said on May. 23 '11

i Like it!

Type08 said on May. 23 '11

Thank you, H3D!

type and signs said on Jun. 04 '15


type08 said on Jun. 08 '15

Thanks buddy! Oldie but Goldie! ;)

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