Ex Libris

by logo4u_lithuania • Uploaded: Dec. 29 '10
Gallerized Jan. '11 0dd9a7cd2d3462bca47c9dcdcc4485c1.png

Description: Ex libris. Composition of the first name letter and anchor. Anchor means personal hobby - yacht sailing.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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GreenInkStudio said on Jan. 07 '11

Beautiful initial icon!

rudy hurtado said on Jan. 07 '11

Agree with Inka.

deiv said on Jan. 07 '11

Sveikinimai :)

Mikeymike said on Jan. 07 '11

great iconic work. like it.

logo4u_lithuania said on Jan. 07 '11

thanks to all:)

vasvari said on Jan. 07 '11

Nice and perfect workmanship!

Chad Sanderson said on Jan. 07 '11

Wow, this is just fantastic.

milou said on Jan. 07 '11

Really cool lines in the mark.

Spectrumology said on Jan. 07 '11


kugelis said on Jan. 07 '11

vel Lietuva, vel sveikinimai, smagus zenklas :)

logo4u_lithuania said on Jan. 08 '11

thanks to all again:) I'm really happy to hear from you:)

Tømme said on Jan. 08 '11

nice work

topicha said on Jan. 13 '11

that's nice !

logo4u_lithuania said on Jan. 14 '11

thanks Topicana:)

pablodt said on Jan. 19 '11

cool mark!

logo4u_lithuania said on Jan. 19 '11

thank you pablodt:)

barbararocas said on Jan. 19 '11

Your font is so perfect for you logo - which is absolutely great :) Good job

javaap said on Jan. 19 '11

It sure is a beaut!

logo4u_lithuania said on Jan. 20 '11

thanks barbarocas and javaap:)

hyperborea said on Feb. 15 '11

Maby left top of the M coul go behind the anchor?
Anyway nice mark and especially very interesting type.
Is it custom crafted?

logo4u_lithuania said on Feb. 24 '11

thanks hyperborea:)
type under the mark - not custom, just font, fits good to this mark, agree:)

action said on May. 21 '11

wow this one is really nice! Lietuviai irgi gali :D

logo4u_lithuania said on May. 23 '11

aisku, kad gali:)

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