Oak Bros.

by LumaVine • Uploaded: Dec. 27 '10
Gallerized Dec. '10 9689c889635b8dc4cc2da34fd6e78a83.png

Description: Oak leaf with people in the negative space.

As seen on: Behance

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: MinimalSimpleCleanNegative

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ethereal said on Dec. 27 '10

Clever as hell!

cresk said on Dec. 27 '10

Clean & simpel, the choice of type is great.

lumavine said on Dec. 27 '10

Wow, thanks for the comments! The gallery spot is a real surprise!

bartodell said on Dec. 27 '10

Well deserved feature spot. :)

tabithakristen said on Dec. 27 '10

I agree that it's well deserved but, I have to say that I thought it was frowned upon to link to Brandstack on Logopond recently.

Double A said on Dec. 27 '10


cerise said on Dec. 27 '10

clever indeed.

lumavine said on Dec. 27 '10

Oh I had no idea, sorry! 8-(

elleithy said on Dec. 28 '10


vasvari said on Dec. 28 '10

Well done!

lumavine said on Dec. 28 '10

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

LadyGrey said on Dec. 28 '10

excellent graphic solution!

brandsimplicity said on Dec. 28 '10

Well done indeed! Got to love clever designers:)

I-am-tiago said on Dec. 29 '10

Favourite! Great work.

contrast8 said on Dec. 29 '10

looks very atractive

lumavine said on Dec. 29 '10

Hey thanks so much! You all are too kind!

se7s said on Jan. 05 '11


emberstudio said on Jan. 10 '11


lumavine said on Jan. 18 '11

Thanks! I am so glad you like it so much!

lumavine said on Feb. 25 '11

Very kind of you tincanrocket! Thanks so much for taking the time to look and comment!

j-CAZ said on Feb. 25 '11

Damn bro. You knocked it out of the park. Good job.

JoePrince said on Feb. 25 '11

Yeah this is great man!

mcdseven said on Feb. 25 '11

very smart. well done!

lumavine said on Feb. 25 '11

Wow thanks all of you! It is an honor to get compliments from such accomplished designers!

mfrank said on May. 12 '11

Missed this one Luma. Ingenious.

tanker79 said on May. 12 '11

Clean and simple. I like very much the negative space effect. Great work

lumavine said on May. 12 '11

Oh wow! Thanks so much! I'm very flattered!

brandsanity said on May. 30 '11

Always liked this. Could also work for holly :)

brandsanity said on May. 30 '11

But does work better with oak!

lumavine said on Jun. 01 '11

Hey thanks so much brandsanity! It is modeled after a scarlet oak leaf - http://www.duke.edu/~cwcook/trees/quco.html

toddfooshee said on Jul. 22 '11

I believe I stumbled upon your flickr a while back and really enjoyed this logo. LOVE that icon.

lumavine said on Jul. 22 '11

Good to see you here! I love that you love it!

atomicvibe said on Jul. 22 '11

You know, I kept seeing this popping up in the Comments feed, and I passed on viewing it several times because, when seeing it at thumbnail size, I thought, "What's the big deal about this one? Why is it so popular? It's just a leaf with some type below it." Boy am I glad I actually clicked on it. This thing is tremendously clever, and it's *really* subtle about it. It's not all like, "HEY EVERYONE, I'M A CLEVER LOGO!!!" Really nice job on this one :)

lumavine said on Jul. 23 '11

Wow that comment made my day! Super to hear all your thoughts! Thanks so so much!

chanpion said on Aug. 26 '11

Mate, this one is brilliant. Love your way of thinking. Great showcase btw.

lumavine said on Aug. 26 '11

Thanks so much chanpion! I am so happy you like my showcase!

nickhood said on Aug. 27 '11

I've seen this one around many times. I've always liked it a lot.

lumavine said on Aug. 27 '11

Hey, Thanks nickhood! I like it a lot too!

laszlo sandor said on Oct. 03 '11


Type and Signs said on Oct. 03 '11

yep ... that's really magic !

lumavine said on Oct. 03 '11

Thanks a million!!!

kruglov said on Jan. 10 '12

brilliant idea

lumavine said on Jan. 11 '12

Thanks Kruglov!!

occipital said on Mar. 05 '12

This is great

lumavine said on Mar. 05 '12

Thanks occipital! You rock!

matti said on Mar. 06 '12

just perfect...! one off my favorites brands

lumavine said on Mar. 06 '12

Matti! So glad to hear that it is one of your favorites. I am surprised that it is still unused. I thought someone would contact me to use it by now.

lumavine said on Jun. 28 '12

WOW! 100 floats! Thanks so much everyone!!! I am very surprised to see this get so much great attention!

p.s. With the exposure comes both good and bad I guess. Anyone have any thoughts on how to deal with this: http://orders.logodesignguru.com/contests/natures-point-new-logo?sort=2&filter=0&page=1

I emailed the contest site, and I also called the company who posted the contest. They are not going to use the logo, since they were disappointed with the results of the contest (no surprise, I know), but the plagiarized logos still are posted on the contest site. Maybe just forget about it?

hanuman shakti said on Jul. 01 '12

this is good...faved! :)

nydesign said on Aug. 03 '12

Oh my the oak brothers logo. loved this one.

lumavine said on Aug. 06 '12

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Great to hear your comments!

lumavine said on Aug. 30 '12

Many thanks briggsdzyn!!!

johndervishi said on Nov. 03 '12

love it

lumavine said on Nov. 16 '12

Thanks a million John!

vidu said on Sep. 30 '13

Hey Lumavine, this logo is incredible. All of your gallery is great by the way! :)

lumavine said on Oct. 07 '13

Thanks Vidu! You have a wonderful showcase too! Keep up the great work!

pseudopseudo said on Apr. 21 '14

very nice logo

lumavine said on Jul. 18 '14

Thanks pseudopseudo! It's great to hear from you!

Civastudios said on Jul. 23 '14

Very Clever!

lumavine said on Sep. 09 '14

Thank you Civastudios!

RosemaryWhite said on Jul. 15 '15

The leaf looks like a lizzard :) But I guess it's just my imagination

lumavine said on Jul. 21 '15

Yes, it's very important for designers to have a good imagination! Thanks for your insight! :D

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