by bilebo • Uploaded: Dec. 04 '10
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Description: Branding co. I don't know if I am done with this one, but I'm happy for now :)

As seen on: http://www.henricsjosten.com/

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: typographytypelettersletteringcustom

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morecolor said on Dec. 04 '10

Nice! :)

m1sternoname said on Dec. 04 '10

nice touch on the 'ak' connection

vergad said on Dec. 04 '10

i like this. nice and neat.

bilebo said on Dec. 04 '10

Thanks guys!
Nice to see in the gallery, but with only 10 votes :P

alexanderspliid said on Dec. 05 '10

That is one hell of a wordmark!... Did you build it from scratch or is it based on anything?

bilebo said on Dec. 05 '10

Thanks people!
Alex, it's from scratch. I feel like I have less restraints that way, but sure, I have a lot of typefaces in the back of my head :)

alexanderspliid said on Dec. 05 '10

I'm sure you do :) This is def. one of the better typeworks i've seen on here for quite a while. Keep us posted on the development of this project will you. Gratz on galleryspot, this one deserves a lot more floats imo.

vernics said on Dec. 05 '10

Very nice letter stuff, Henric! :)

AMP said on Dec. 06 '10

This looks great! It's nice and neat, but still has character. Awesome work :)

bilebo said on Dec. 06 '10

Haha, sorry Alex. I reported your comment as spam. Couldn't refuse =)
I thought there was gonna be a confirmation at least.

So if admin reads this.. Maybe a confirmation or an undo?

Anyway, thanks everybody!
Will do, Alex =)

serhos said on Dec. 07 '10

Nice shoot Man!

alexanderspliid said on Dec. 07 '10

haha way to go Henric!

bilebo said on Dec. 07 '10

OK, this is scary =) Lecart commented here, but then someone deleted his comment, I don't know if it was him or someone else. But this Report thingy seems a bit dodgy..

Thanks, Sergey!

Lecart said on Dec. 08 '10

Haha, na, it wasn't me. And I was remarking upon the fact that (almost?) anyone can delete comments, even if they're legit. See what Joe was talking about on the twitterblog logo.

andrewrose said on Dec. 19 '10


c4creative said on Dec. 21 '10

Very very nice!

cresk said on Jan. 26 '11

Sweet type Henric!

JohnDervishi said on Mar. 14 '13

Very nice!

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