by Bitencourt • Uploaded: Nov. 22 '10
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Description: Logodesign for company based on India who provides media post production services to comercial and feature films, visual effects, etc. I'm not really sure about colors, and thats the message is clear. Thanks for the critiques. :)

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: worksproductionpostmonogrammodern

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myway999 said on Nov. 22 '10

awesome stuff, Breno:)

bitencourt said on Nov. 22 '10

Thanks Claudiu :)

Rokac said on Nov. 22 '10

Yep, this rocks Breno:)

sbj said on Nov. 22 '10

I really like the concept .. just one issue
with the futureworks the symbol is very clear but
with out text it looks like 'S' in a go.
try make the bottom edge a bit straighten.. i think it will work, just thought.. totally up to u :)

bitencourt said on Nov. 22 '10

^ Niiiicee! Thanks guys! :D

mavric said on Nov. 22 '10

saw that "s" too, but kudos dude, nicely done :)

bitencourt said on Nov. 22 '10

Thanks guys, but i cant solve this issue :/

hazelc said on Nov. 22 '10

looking good Breno. nice piece. =)

brandsimplicity said on Nov. 22 '10

Great design Breno! It look like an easy fix. Can I ask why you can't solve the S issue.

bitencourt said on Nov. 23 '10

So i think that i dont understand :/ - Please help me guys :)

bitencourt said on Nov. 23 '10

Updated. Thanks everyone :)

Tømme said on Nov. 23 '10

That's so much nicer :) good job

bitencourt said on Nov. 23 '10

Thanks, Thomas! really means a lot for me, buddy :)

sbj said on Dec. 28 '10

congrats :)

bigoodis said on Dec. 28 '10

looks very nice:)

LadyGrey said on Dec. 29 '10

good graphic idea!

badovsky said on Dec. 29 '10

simply cool Breno!

bitencourt said on Dec. 29 '10

Thanks everyone! :)

logoboom said on Dec. 30 '10

I dig it. I'd wear that Tshirt.

wizemark said on Dec. 30 '10

Still looks like an S to me, mate. Do you really need that middle part in the back? I think you can still convey folding, keep the same motion feel and have a nice F without it, hm? Just a thought..

bitencourt said on Dec. 30 '10

Thanks Wize. Take a look on this update, i think its no a S no more. :)

wizemark said on Dec. 30 '10

looks awesome, man.

Mikeymike said on Dec. 30 '10

^ agree. lookin' awesome.

JoePrince said on Dec. 30 '10

Wicked good BB.

alterego said on Dec. 30 '10

killer stuff buddy .....

Ocularink said on Dec. 30 '10

Love your work, man. It also has sort of a lighting bolt feel...which totally makes sense. Keep it up!

vernics said on Dec. 31 '10

Stellar work my friend! :)

bitencourt said on Dec. 31 '10

Yes Kevin, Lighting bolt indeed. Thanks everyone!

Ethereal said on Dec. 31 '10

Really cool, breno.

electronicink said on Dec. 31 '10

Not trying to sound off but seeing the co is calling themselves 'Future' works is using film the right way to go?
If they do use traditional film techniques then fine, but most post production is digital now. Your design doesn't say future to me, only the name does.

bitencourt said on Jan. 01 '11

Yes, it makes sense what you say, Electrocink.
I chose the film couse it is a more iconic representation of that industry. It's more assertive, in my opinion; nobody has doubts that this is the logo industry seeing a film.
Maybe if I use other newest media, was not so recognizable, and too get old as the film ... Anyway, I think this discussion has two faces.
Thanks for your imput! (and sorry by my english :D)

ccmovies said on Jan. 02 '11

Very nice logo! I really love the idea of incorporating the filmstrip into the F.

bitencourt said on Feb. 02 '11

In a contest that will pay $ 99 for the winning logo are you expecting what? he have to ripped it to be worth the work haha :)

Pierro said on Feb. 07 '11

Great as always again!!

Hunter3d said on May. 23 '11

I realy like the mark...but not sure about the colors.
I think this colors combination remember constructions....
Maybe still the type color and change the mark color with a white bg.

Sorry about my bad english =/

bitencourt said on May. 24 '11

No problem, Hunter3d my english is bad as yours :D

Thanks for this suggestion, I will work on some new palettes, but I like this combo, the client drop out, so I will study on this a litle bit more soon. :)

bartvoll said on Mar. 01 '12

This guy ripped off this really nice logo. Thought I would let you know.
Loving the color palette by the way.

oscarcuriel said on Oct. 04 '12

Great love it

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