Three Bears Café 4

by BigAl67 • Uploaded: Nov. 17 '10
Gallerized Nov. '10 c6989ed0a1a7aeff818385e244ede82a.png

Description: Option for 3 Bears with no distressed texture.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: caféBears

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idil said on Nov. 17 '10

perfect mark. the colours work so well together.

Rokac said on Nov. 17 '10

Very coool!

chirp said on Nov. 17 '10

Great fun. Well done!

wiking said on Nov. 17 '10

LOL. Nice.

Mikeymike said on Nov. 17 '10

I really like the look on this one. very fun, makes me want to go an see this place. And eat there. they serve porridge?:)

AMP said on Nov. 17 '10

love the colors and the illustration! I also would eat there, just because of the logo.

lumo said on Nov. 17 '10

lovely colors.

BigAl67 said on Nov. 17 '10

Hey all... many thanks for the kind words and floats... really appreciate it. As for serving porridge Mike? Maybe, as long some golden-tressed girl hasn't been tasting everyone's bowl before they reach the table.

milou said on Nov. 17 '10

Hahaha, gotta love those bears!

JF said on Nov. 17 '10

Superb. Absolutely fantastic.

firebrand said on Nov. 17 '10

Absolutely superb Al!

Lecart said on Nov. 18 '10

great work man, nice color combo too

BigAl67 said on Nov. 18 '10

Hey folks - thanks to you all for looking in, and for your very kind comments.... and the floats of course.

AlexWende said on Nov. 18 '10

cool! I would eat there. great work :D

atomicvibe said on Nov. 18 '10

Damn, this is fantastic. Really superb job. I love the retro vibe, and the colors work really well together.

alto said on Nov. 19 '10

Love this! Added to my favs

dotpeak web design said on Nov. 20 '10

Lol! Looks like the bears are very happy!
Good work

diego153 said on Nov. 22 '10

I love the look and feel of this piece!

BigAl67 said on Nov. 23 '10

Thanks again to you all for the floats and kind comments. Not quite sure what to make of the Bruins not singing folkrock though...

BIGAL67 said on Nov. 24 '10

I guess with tuning 'fork' that big they would be fairly in tune, just not sure about folk rock... perhaps a bear-bershop trio?

ethereal said on Nov. 28 '10

Awesome! The colors are great, nice one!

Artgeko said on Oct. 26 '11

An excellent logo, graphic style undoubtedly good!

BigAl67 said on Oct. 26 '11

Thanks Artgeko.

designlabor13 said on Nov. 26 '13

Super cute and cool!

wlkyk said on Nov. 26 '13

like it

BassemKhozam said on Dec. 06 '15

How can I contact you?

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