by Tømme • Uploaded: Nov. 14 '10
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Description: A football badge for a friend of mine. For those who don't have a clue what Falanx stands for... The phalanx is a military formation first used in ancient Greece. *update: See the bigger version on my homepage*

As seen on: http://www.madebythomas.com

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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milou said on Nov. 14 '10

Yeah, very cool Thomas.

Tømme said on Nov. 14 '10

Thnx buddy!

JoePrince said on Nov. 14 '10

Wow TB, a really great piece. Congrats.

Tømme said on Nov. 14 '10

Thnx Joe, appreciate it a lot!

mavric said on Nov. 14 '10

well done man, nice execution.

logomotive said on Nov. 14 '10

Yes, very nicely done.

myway999 said on Nov. 14 '10

great work, mate. congrats!

malicho said on Nov. 14 '10

looks good

dotflo said on Nov. 14 '10

is this..SPARTA? :)), very nice lookin

Tømme said on Nov. 15 '10

Thanks everyone, appreciate all the kind words :)

Pixualmedia said on Nov. 15 '10

Super uitgevoerd, klasse...

jgarnerdesign said on Nov. 15 '10

Sweet stuff man.

atomicvibe said on Nov. 15 '10

Very strong looking badge. Nicely done!

malicho said on Nov. 15 '10

the only thing i noticed, and it's probably because im american, but the ball looks more like a volleyball at first.

Atomicvibe said on Nov. 15 '10

^You know, I thought the same thing, but I bit my tongue and chalked it up to American ignorance. But now that you said something about it, are there soccer (foot)balls that look like this as opposed to the ones with the iconic pentagonal pattern?

Tømme said on Nov. 16 '10

It supposed to look like an old football. Even barca has the same sort of ball in their badge ;) - http://d.pr/s5TT

atomicvibe said on Nov. 16 '10

Ah, well, there you go. Just goes to show how much we Americans know about (what the REST of the world calls) football.

zephyr said on Nov. 22 '10

You the man, Tmme!

smallbig-design said on Dec. 02 '10

Great I love the phalanx formation ever since RTW came out great idea

c4creative said on Dec. 21 '10

This is mesmerising. Good work.

richardbaird said on Dec. 21 '10

This is great, @smallbig-design whats RTW? I have seen a few logos recently with the four segments split across an X with icons but wasn't sure whether the style had a name or was historically based.

Tømme said on Dec. 24 '10

thnx guys. @richardbaird I wouldn't have a clue tbh :p

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